Introduction to this Blog…

Hello World,

My Name is Merrie,

I am a Mother, a Daughter, an Employee, a Writer, a Singer, a Crocheter, a Friend, a diva, but most of all me….

I enjoy writing and have found I don’t have much time to truly really do what I enjoy..

I want to really use this blog to vent.. to share knowledge, and to show the world who I am..

If I offend someone.. it really is not meant to be that way.. I speak my mind and sometimes it says things that even I question.. So feel free to comment.. you comments won’t hurt my feelings.. just might spark me to respond with a snakes tongue….

I hope you enjoy learning more about me.. Because..

This is me for what its worth.. Take it or leave it at that!!!

🙂 Merrie

One thought on “Introduction to this Blog…

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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