“The World Revolves Around Me.. or Does It?”

“I have a headache”, “the baby kept me up all night”, “School sucks.. everyone is always teasing me”, “my boss just does not know when to leave me alone”, “I’m lonely”, “I’m angry”, “that jerk just cut me off”, ” she just cut in line”, “You are sooo rude to me”  “I,I,I,I, me, me, me”… I came up with the idea for my next challenge, off a video that a friend posted on Facebook, one of which I reposted…Here is a link to the video for y ou to watch…. http://youtu.be/LfeXxkbgCVE

The whole point to the video, is, we complain about things that happen to ourselves.. when in reality we never look around to see who might be hurting out there..  In the video, it shows a magical pair of glasses that the man puts on and he can see what is bothering the people he was getting so agitated with….

 We never know what the person on the other side of the Starbucks counter is going through, the man driving slow  in front of you might have lost someone they love and may not feel like going home to an empty house.. The child in the street making too much noise and destroying your flowers, might just want a friend to talk to… EMPATHY was the message and a good one at that.. but I want to take a deeper look at it, because I don’t think it is just Empathy I need.

All too often, I have felt myself go into the poor me’s… I’m too tired, I’m too sick, I, I, I .. I keep forgetting about others.. In reality I feel the world should revolve around me.. and everyone should stop what they are doing and cater to me, to make me feel better or important.. Wow.. putting that down makes me feel real shallow and makes me want to erase it and write something else… But this is an exercise to teach me something, and hopefully my daughter. 

I started thinking about what I can do to get myself out of the “me,me,me” rut that I have been in for quite some time.. Service might help.. but knowing me ( remember the world revolves around me) “I’m too busy, work was long and hard today, I just want to relax).. I’m really starting to sound selfish here.. but I’m hoping that I’m making a good point. “I” forget about others because “I” come up with some kind of excuse EVERYTIME!!!!

So here is what I am going to do.. for the next week.. count it one week.. I will be doing things each day to re-focus this world that seems to revolve around me.. I’m going to write each day about what I did to forget about “me,mE,ME,ME, ME, Me, me… (gotta love that song, because it’s all about ME!)” and focus on others..

See how I do.. and please give me feedback on the things I type… I will check back in tomorrow afternoon with my first “The World does not revolve around me”update!!! 🙂

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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