The world does not revolve around me.. Mission Day 1

Today was a great day to begin my challenge to not have th world revolve around me.. My mom says to stop with the I’s, the me’s and the My’s. I definitely agree with her although it seems to be hard.. as I like being the center of attention. With tha being said. I have the perfect job in the world for me.. I work in the Hospitality business.. I am around people everyday.. and If I really want to be I can be the center of everything…. 🙂 Gotta love it!

 For some reason, I volunteered to work the AM lobby lizard shift at work.. It really is not as much fun as it might sound.. basically you walk around the lobby saying Hi to people.. looking out for any problems… (oh and there was a good reason I volunteered, My daughter had a Back to School night I had to attend). This shift is an hour and a half of literally standing around… and when you don’t get much sleep the night before.. It can make it even more boring, and tiresome.. But I’m not here to complain.. I just needed to give you some back ground on this…

So, I’m in the lobby this morning, smiling away.. 🙂 … and asking people how they are and telling them I hope they have a great day.. (I know, it sounds nice, but after a its a little sickening saying the same things over and over.. But the guests like it!!!)  I was really struggling to stay up beat and trying to get my mind off the POOR me’s… But I just kept thinking about how tired I was…

So here I am feeling sorry for myself…. and down walks a man who looked real mad… Now typically I don’t give it any thought, but it bothered me that he was so mad… . I told him Good Morning and asked him how he was… ( stupid thing because I got a bunch of grumbling and nasty responses…) I tried to shake it off, and realistically I did not listen to him the first time around… Then I heard him say that he was tired.. Here was my cue to jump in and say” he is not the only one”.. But instead, I stopped what I was doing and took a deeper look…

I actually looked at the little angry man, I noticed his arm was in a very funky brace, I noticed that his speech was jittery and that his hands shook as he stood waiting for his receipt. It turned out that this man was permanently physically disabled.. at all times his arm is in this brace that keeps it bent at all times, If he is out of medicine, his back hurts and he can’t sleep.. If things don’t go the way he plans it out, he stutters , he shakes and sometimes he faints…  This Man, was only 30 years old.. and had lived all his life with this disability… I also found out that the night before at dinner, some Young kids were teasing him, then he was harassed by the cab driver because the cabby could not understand him, When he finally got to the hotel.. The room type he was expecting was not available, and even though he was upgraded to a Suite, it did not help because it went against what he was expecting. When he got to his room, he realized he was out of his medicine, this made him agitated and he got even more shaky. Because he did not have his medicine, he was not able to sleep… Long story short.. He just wanted someone to listen to him, and to give him some sympathy…

I found out all this by focusing in on him, being nice to him, smiling and listening.. I realized once I was focusing on something other than me (oops, there is that evil word again… ) I really did not feel that tired.. I also realized that it was my own fault I was tired..( IE. I stayed up to late.. and I volunteered to wake up early)  Talk about selfish.. Here I was feeling sorry for myself because of myself, when there was a man in need of a simple smile and someone to talk to, to make him feel better…. I learned a very valuable lesson.. Pay attention to those around you!!!! 🙂 Thank you Mr. Angry.. I appreciate the lesson you taught me. I hope you will come back to my hotel and see me again so I can be a friendly face for you…

Oh, What will Day 2 of this Mission bring…



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