Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones.. But Words Can Devestate Me…

O.k. So, I’m taking a brief Break off my “World Does not Revolve around me Mission”, to teach a lesson to myself and maybe to some one else.

We live in a world today where people speak very openly.. All to often too openly. And sometimes what is said is not appropriate for the people who its being said to.. as well as those standing on the sidelines..

So, I have thought long and hard about how I can present this without offending those who have done it.. I’m sure I will offend someone.. but that goes to show you that Words can Really hurt..

I hope everyone remembers the story of the Ugly Ducking.. He had no idea why people were running and hiding from him.. Just from the looks of perfect strangers, he felt the devastation of what their unspoken words said.. Now can you imagine if everyday, he heard how ugly he looked, how even more damaging this could be to his psyche?.. Now.. I was just looking online to re-read the story and there is another version of the story out there about every one running and hiding from the duckling, yelling hurtful ugly words at him and how he felt he just wanted to die… Amazing enough to me.. How many of our teens feel this exact same way.. EACH and EVERY DAY!!! Didn’t we all learn the story of teh Ugly Duckling?  Now lets look at it a different way.. What if Mama duck would have told him he was beautiful everyday… How would that of helped him? How can that help you?

This goes back into what we do everyday… When I was younger ( much younger) I had 2 step brother who were not the nicest to me.. The had a habit of calling me fat. Back when they did this I weighted around 120lbs..( So wich I could get myself back down to that size!!!) anytime I would start to get a little over the 120lbs.. they would tease me.. I found myself watching what I ate and doing unhealthy things to get my weight back down.. Now I was lucky because I had a pretty level head, (ok it was more the fact I was scared of my mom killing me for doing something stupid), but I could have taken that farther and become Balimic, or anorexic.. Just because of what someone else was saying…

They say physical Child abuse is the worse form of abuse out there.. but I’m not sure if I agree.. Granted “Sticks and Stones” can break our bones.. But what kind of damage do we do when we are cruel with our words?  I keep thinking of my daughter here.. If I’m bringing her down every day.. is she going to accomplish her dreams.. I really doubt it.. She will have a bad image of her self and will not strive for the best.. I try to remember telling my daughter that she is smart, and beautiful and that she can do anything that she wants.. It’s the whole “I think I can”  Mentality coming from her mommy…

Ok.. So I just realized I went off on a whole different angle them I originally wanted to.. the whole reason I did this blog was because one of my coworkers yelled at me for something that was not my fault and really was not a big deal in front of other coworkers.. I was playing off on how small I felt and how I just wanted to cry…

So remember your words can hurt.. even if they were not intended to.. and try to be just a little kinder today!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones.. But Words Can Devestate Me…

  1. every human has faults…look at me! I’m not very handsome yet God keeps giving me amazing dates and a beautiful life…maybe it’s becasue He knows how much I appreciate people. Greatness is within you…carry yourself with style, class and poise and people will run to be your friend.

    Social graces can only get you so far…no matter what size you will ever be, you’ve gotta believe you’re beautiful… I’ve read a lot of your posts today….I believe you’re beautiful….so have faith…not every man out there is the same…

    Oh, when I called you beautiful? I meant it…


    • Thank you T…
      I read your post today.. and Pirate or not.. I think you are handsome.. Whats on the outside is not the most important.. its is what is on the inside that makes things that much prettier!!!

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