“Did I Tell You, You Look Beautiful”…. “Well, You Do…”

The “Karate Kid” said it best… ” did i tell you, you look beautiful.. well, you do..” This line touched me.. I hate when you do everything you can tp make your self look pretty  and the guy does not notice you.. Or you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus and they tell you literally that you look like crap..I mean come on now!!.. Men, a word of advice here.. no matter what.. Insist we look beautiful..

A story went around.. and I’m not sure if it was an email chain that was out there or if I heard this at church.. however I want to share it in my own words.. If this is not quite right I am sorry.. but I’m sure that you will catch the drift…

There was a this one couple.. they had been married for many years.. Its said that they started when they first got married to place little notes throughout the house, in places that they might not see immediately.. Notes would be left that said: ‘I love you”, You look beautiful today”, ” Thank you” and so forth.. It might be weeks later that they would find the notes the other one had left, but it meant they were being thought of and that they cared.. and sometimes it would lift their spirits.. The man got really sick and over time could barely get out of bed.. When he passed away the women was sad.. she was cleaning out something of his and found a shaky note that said “I Love you”. The women knew by the way the letter was written, that her husband on his death-bed, had struggled to hide one last note for her…..

what a Better way to show how much you care.. I know when I get married this is one tradition I will be doing.. I also want to make a point of doing this for my child..

So back to the whole point of this post.. I think everyone should tell someone, that they look beautiful, that they are wonderful and how you feel about them, each day.. you never know when you might boost someones feelings up..

Lately I have taken notice to when my boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful.. The one day.. I was feeling terrible.. I had put no time into how I looked and honestly.. with the way the day was going I felt like I’d been hit by a train.. He did not even take notice and told me how beautiful I looked.. What a great feeling that was.. On a date recently.. I had been feeling down, and though I had got all dolled up I kind of forgot how I looked.. (I hope my BF will not mind me sharing this with the world) My Bf told me that when he walked in and saw me sitting there, He thought I looked absolutely beautiful and all he wanted to do was to walk up to me and give me a kiss.. What a Romantic thing to say and how amazing I felt..

I think if I would hear I was beautiful all the time, it would not mean the same thing.. but I know that hearing it every once in a while helps me to feel special and really helps my mood.. So if you see me and I’m not smiling just tell me I look pretty and I will probably perk right up!!! And you never know if you say it to someone else.. you might be surprised by how much you change their world and even your own..

There is an awesome blog challenging people to write anonymous notes out there that I think can make wonders if everyone will join in.. Here is something from their Website..

“Write a motivating note on a post it and put it up in a public place– such as on a bathroom mirror, in the gym locker room, or even on a random car’s windshield.  If you want, you can write the web address www.OperationBeautiful.com on the bottom so other women can find the site!” – Operation Beautiful

Lets see if we can change the way we feel about ourselves.. Helen Keller says it best:

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

Help me tell someone they are beautiful today.. Be a part of something.. SO BEAUTIFUL.. 🙂

By the Way: Did I Tell You, You Look Beautiful Today?.. Well, You Do!!!”

One thought on ““Did I Tell You, You Look Beautiful”…. “Well, You Do…”

  1. I was dating a girl who was absolutely the most beautiful thing to enter my life. Though not every day, I did always try to let her know that I found her absolutely gorgeous.

    She always made it a point to roll her eyes very condescendingly and say “Whatever”. Sometimes we do what we can. And it means the world to me to let the person I’m with know that she has my eye. For as long as she has me.

    Good post M. Definitely made a point I’ve been trying to get across from the other half.

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