Sick Days.. What I would not give for Sick Days Right now!!!

Sick as can be and I look like death warmed over.. My head is stuffed up ( Thank god the Runny stuff has stopped).. I can’t really Hear( I feel like I’m under water.. ) and I have this Awesome Cough (Yea Right).. I think the best part of this whole thing is that since this morning it has hurt to talk and I sound funny so I have been very quiet.. (my co-workers must be in heaven)

I know I should have stayed home today.. I mean I could get everyone else sick.. The whole reason I am sick is because everyone else here came in sick.. So the Cycle Keeps going….

We really can’t do anything about this though.. WE HAVE TO COME IN SICK!!!!

Ok, so my work is not the sick police, they are great about letting us call in if we really need to, and why shouldn’t they, they don’t have to pay!!!!! We all HAVE to come in sick because we need the money.. In this crazy, money hungry world, WE have to have the Money to be able to survive. Missing 8 Hours of work would be devastating to our pockets.. So instead of getting the much-needed rest.. We Come in Coughing, Sneezing, Stuffy, and Fevers and Spread the Love.. and the Germs to all those we come in contact with..

At least, I’m playing it safe.. I’m staying at my desk.. I’m not touching that time clock.. (Time Edit Sheets here I come.. I would rather do the paper work then see anyone else get what I have) and I will be isolating myself to my desk as much as possible..

I think all workplaces need to take into consideration SICK Days and give us more….

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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