Cooler Then Me..

At my job there are guys who like to call me Drew.. As in Drew Barrymore.. I have not figured out why but what ever.. I will just go along with it..

Lately, though the guys have been walking around singing “Cooler then Me’ by Mike Posner.. Now I know there are days that I just walk by without saying Hi.. and unfortunately I am one of those girls who love her heels.. so my shoes like to make some noise.. and I can’t say I don’t love my designer shades, and my designer clothes..  (I never have paid full price though)

But I definitely don’t think I am cooler than any one.. I mean there are some people I can say that I am all that and a bottle of champagne over.. but I am definitely NOT cooler than anyone… in fact I am the biggest Nerd and Loser .. Ok maybe not quite but you get the point.. I make a point of it to go out of my way to pay attention to other people… so when Someone thinks that I am acting like the “girl” Mike Posner talks about it is offensive.

So for all you guys out there that think that I am ‘Cooler the Me”

I guess I should Say Thank you!!!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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