If you can’t stand behind our Troops.. Please stand in front of them…

I have been thinking a lot about our troops.. and I hear on a daily basis people bashing our troops.. so I am here to take a stand.. I stand up for our Troops.. They protect us and keep us safe..

I never really appreciated all that our troops do for us.. and when I was little I never really understood..

My Family shares are long history of Military Men and Women.. My Great Uncle (ok, you might need to add some more greats in there) died at Gettysburg. My grandpa was in the Merchant Marines during World War II (and let me tell you from what I hear it was scary… on a ship with no weapons to protect them), My Dad fought in Vietnam (and received 3 Purple Hearts), 3 of My Cousins and 2 Cousin-in Laws have served/serve in our Armed Forces.. (2 Marines and 2 Air Force and 1 Navy).


I have some wonderful friends who served/serve in the United States Army.. As well as other branches of our fine military.

Each and Everyone one of them, I am proud of.. I am proud of the service they gave, give and for lives they gave up..

When 911 happened.. I was scared, as I’m sure the rest of the USA was.. Never had I thought such hatred, such evil could ever hit our beautiful country.. I had friends that where overseas.. I knew people who were in the front lines. and it was scary to think that anyone of them could die protecting our country.. I cry anytime I think of the fallen shoulders, the families who have lost their loved ones.. and I am grateful that I can live in a country where I can say i feel safe because of what those brave men and women stand for.

I have been very blessed in my career to work with Local Military Bases.. I came to care for each member, To cry when i heard they were deploy and to cry during yellow Ribbon events when I knew soldiers where returning home to be with their families again.. I was proud to receive special recognition from them and truly feel touched to be a small part of what helped them do the jobs they had to do. I made friends and truly gained a lot of respect for those men and women.

You may not approve of the things our military do.. but let me tell you, they are following orders.. if you have a problem with what they do.. complain to your congressmen and women.. they can do something about the ORDERS these soldiers are given.. and the fights these men and women are involved in are just that.. ORDERS given to them by the leaders of this country..

So the next time you want to bad mouth the men and women leaving their families behind to deploy for service OverSeas.. think about the sacrifice they make and the possibility that they may not make it home..

If you can’t stand up and behind our troops.. Then please.. Go pick up a gun and stand in front of them.. because I can guarantee you this.. You will never be able to do what these Angels in a United States Uniform can do.. They Stand for our FREEDOM.. And I am very grateful for the Freedom they give me.. Because with out that FREEDOM… I can’t type this out today!!!

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