I don’t want the Whole World..

Ok.. So I am obsessed with Country Music.. It tells a Story, and most songs I can relate to my life.. I have completly fallen in love with The Band Perry.. The music is amazing and I just love each and every song.. I really can’t say I have just one Fav.. ( doesn’t hurt that they have won, like every award out there!)

That being said, it should not surprice you that I have fallen for their new song..

“Love all Your Life” http://youtu.be/mpdh4pPl0Ck

So, I write this Blog with that song in mind..
I don’t think I’m that picky of a girl.. I mean.. I may be moody and a little insane but when it comes to some things, I’m really easy going. (and If you think otherwise, please just keep your comments to your self)
As this Song Says, I don’t want the whole world, the Sun, the Moon and all their Light..
I don’t need some big Mansion in Europe, A yacht on the Ocean (such a waste of money), and I don’t need all the riches and gold in the world (although it would be nice to be well off.. I don’t have to have all that).
I don’t need fancy restaurants every week.. Although, once in a while it is nice to be pampered with something a little better then Carrows.
I enjoy beautiful clothes, shoes and purses.. but realistically I do not need to spend the money to get them.. Other people spend the money.. I go to “Good Will” when they get bored of them!! HA HA!!!
I’m pretty happy with things the way t hey are and I really do not want to be a pest but as I said.. I’m not picky.. Though give me a
 coach purse and I will be more then just happy..(just saying).. Hopefully a hint is taken.. Hmm… another coach Purse.. anyone want to give me another one?..
So, for now I would settle for some beautiful Red Roses and a Kiss.. and Maybe all your love for all your life!!!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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