New Years Resolutions

I am amazed to find that again, I have abandoned my blog… What am I going to do!!!! Well, I guess that goes hand and fist as one of my resolutions… I look at all the wonderful Bloggers I have become friends with and how awesome they are (I get at least 1 post from them a week), and here I am at, like, maybe one a month.. Oh well I will try..

So here is my blog thought of the moment… Resolutions… As you know my Blog is Titled “this is me for… what its worth” for a reason… I’m not here to be judged or to do judging… I’m here to let the world know who I am and if they like it… They can read all about me!!! J So I am writing about me and how much I hate Resolutions… 

I always find that I want to make resolutions, I plan and think about them and try to start them at the beginning of the year (though, I should start them when I think about them)… I create a list draw up a game plan and then a week into the year.. I’m breaking them and I just give up..

So what do I do? Not too sure… But here is my list and my game plan… Let’s see how long I last!

1. Become a Better Mom…

I try really hard to be the best mom I can, however I have little patience for my Darling little one.. She is the prize of my heart and I adore her… I am very lucky to have such a good little girl. I am proud of how smart and sweet she is and am amazed at how wonderful she is… I know I can thank my mom for all the hard work she does helping me to raise her… I know I am truly blessed there.

I need to find a way to spend more time with my daughter and to be there more for her… but sometimes at the end of the day I’m just too dang tired..

2. Become a Better Daughter…

So I try to be a great daughter to my mom… but I find that she is the one I take everything out on… If I’m stressed, if I am upset, if I need to just cry it all goes to my mom… My mom is a great ear (if you need a good MOM, Please Note.. I DO NOT rent her out.. She is mine and I am selfish about that!!!)… but sometimes when I blow up I do not realize the damage it can do to her… I know I have a problem and I try to deal with it… but I have no clue… (This goes hand and hand with my next resolution) I want to spend 2012 developing a better relationship and working on not blowing up at my mom.

3. Stop being a Bitch… (Yes, I said it… I’m a Bitch)

So for those of you who are part of this club… you know that some days you just can’t help being a bitch… I love the fact that I can the Wicked Witch from Wizard of OZ the Wicked BITCH… I like the way that being a Bitch makes me feel in control… but sometimes I know that I go too far… SO I need to try real hard to change the mindset that by being a Bitch I can get what I want… I’m sure there are other ways to get the things I want…

4.  Get Organized

OOOHHH boy this one scares me.. Some people look at me and they think I am the most organized person they know.. But I know how to fake it.. I find myself forgetting things and with soooo much going on in my life I am toooooo jumbled to remember my name sometimes… I plan to try planning life out… Keeping a Calendar and trying to keep things in order… If I forget you it’s not on purpose… just because I am going insane!!!

5.  Devote more time to developing my faith in Jesus Christ

My faith is very important to me… and I find in times of Depression and Bitchiness… I turn away from Christ when I should be turning closer to him… so I am vowing to try to become closer to him and turning more to him in times of need… Faith is a miraculous thing and I just need to learn how to use it!!!

6.  BLOG More…

OK.. I need to get on the ball and try to blog at least once a week… I think I will create a list of things to blog about and try Scheduling when to blog them… That should help in moments of Crisis when I freeze up and can’t think of anything to blog about!!! J

7.  Control my Temper:

The Evil Temper… It’s the Double Edged sword, the Snakes tongue that comes out when I am tired, when I’m stress and when I am just being Bitchy… I need to learn how to control this… and I have learned over the years… I no longer throw things… but the slamming of the doors has got to stop and so does the being mean… I guess I could tie this with being bitchy… but I feel so strongly that I should combine it together.

8.  Relax More

I think If I took some more time to relax that might help me… I find that my shoulders are constantly tense and that I get headaches because I am just too uptight… Yoga helps… but with my hectic schedule and with the fact that it costs money… I find I push that idea away… In times of need I need to STOP… and Take a Good Yoga Breathe to decompress and RELAX   !!!!

9.  Stop thinking I can put things off till tomorrow……..

 OK… Here is my Fav girl again.. Ms. Scarlet O’Hara… I am always putting off today what I think I can do tomorrow… Sometimes that is a good idea… buit other times it just gets me in trouble… So no more… I will think about it today and try to accomplish soooo much more!!!


This sooo just says it all… I am addicted to shoes… So I know I can make this Resolution come true… Though my Mom and Boyfriend and Daughter might have issues with this!!!! (Though I think mom will say its fine as long as she gets more purses!!!)

OK.. So I’m not going to take this Laying Down… (Maybe I will because Kitty looks comfy)… I will focus and See what I can come up with…

What do you think?  Can I make it past week one? What are you resolutions? and How will you succeed?


 HAPPY 2012!!!!

PS… Forgot the Most important of all Resolutions.. LOSS WEIGHT!!!! — I need to lose like 30 pounds!!! 😦

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