When Being Nice Gets you NO Where..


Ok.. I’m at my wit’s end here.. I’m typically a Nice Girl.. But I have a Bitchy Side.. and Sometimes that comes out very loudly.. In some cases it never comes out, but Dang.. I really want it out right now with a certain events going on in my life..

I figure maybe if I vent things here on my blog, I won’t kill someone!!!! So Here is the Gist of it.. (and all those who don’t care can log out right about… NOW!!! )

If you truly cared.. You would have been there.. not just when Money was involved or when you looked GOOd.. but when things were bad and times where..

If you really cared you would not have been so mean about different things and you would have supported the dreams and the aspirations….

If you really cared you would have given up anything and everything to spend the precious few hours we could together, holding hands and asking God to Help us..

If you really cared, it would be about Us and not about you.

If you really cared.. you would let it all go and move on.

But you won’t and you can;t and all you care about is you, what you want and about things that never mattered to you in the beginning.

I’m through being Ms. Nice Guy.. I’m through letting you walk all over me and make me feel like shit.. A long time ago, I posted about “Sticks and Stones can never hurt me but Words can devastate me”, Well Guess what.. You ain’t bringing me down with your words either..


Stones (Photo credit: rkramer62)

Suck it up and deal.. Because this mountain.. I’m dying on.. This ground I’ll stand.. And this honestly can/ and will be if it has to be.. The bloodiest damn battle I have ever had to fight..

Don’t start with me.. Because Nice.. didn’t get me anywhere with you..

3 thoughts on “When Being Nice Gets you NO Where..

  1. hello, I stopped by to visit your blog and thank you for checkng mine out as well.
    I can relate so well to this post, maybe for different reasons but just the same I’m tired of coming in last .

    I do hope to see moore of you ~ BB

  2. Life can be a balance. Sometimes being honest is better than being nice. Unfortunately it’s pretty popular, normal really, in America and many parts of the world to be PC and try to say the right thing, more than it is to be straight forward with people…

    Thanks for the Pingback…

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