My Blogger Friend Posted This on her Page..… I love her comments and Truly Agree with her.. What is our world coming to.. when Little 13 year olds think SEX.. is ok.

The Beautiful Life of the Traveling Wife

First go here at be prepared to want to scream.  I was so sad to read the comments about other woman saying this child is so mature.  No, this child has been taught no morals. Let me explain one thing.  People were created with a sin nature.  The ONLY reason why there is any sort of moral compass is because of Christ and the Holy Spirit. If we leave morality up to each one of us, there will be no standard.  There will be no right and wrong.  What will come of that will be chaos and as we know God is not chaos.  God is order.  This whole “You can make your own morality” is sick. It is the words of the devil playing to a lost people.  People are so afraid of Christians.  The thing they do not realize is, I am not going to make promiscuity punishable…

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