New Years 2013

Happy New Year!

A little late but Happy New Year to the Best Blogging community ever!!!! I am great to read all my fellow bloggers and I truly envy your talent and your commitment. I wish you all the best New Years!!!!

I am truly glad to have 2012 over with.. What was going to be the BEST YEAR EVER.. Turned out to be not so great..

But I learned a lot from the year, I learned a lot about love, a lot about loss and a lot about my self.. I accomplished things that I never thought I would..and for once in my life finished something I normally would not..

I’m not here to tell you my resolutions.. I don’t really have any.. ( o.k. there’s the timeless tale… I will lose weight this year!!) But What I will tell you is this.. I have goals this year.. and I have always been one  to try to achieve all the goals I set!!! So for the record, here are the goals I am setting for 2013

1. write a book


2. lose 40 pounds

3. Learn more in my career/ Become better at what I do

4. Learn how to knit

5. Start and finish a beautiful crochet project

Crochet in round shape

6. Finish my personal progress

7. Return to blogging with a minimum of 1 blog a week

8. Be able to repair / remodel my house

9. become the best mom/ daughter that I can be

10. Take my family to Ohio on Vacation in NovemberOhio

So there are no BIG Goals here but I hope to be able to look back at this year and check these off my list… Wish me luck and lots of Support!!!

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