In Loving Memory

One Year ago today the most wonderful man in my life passed away.. Our hearts were shattered.. But when you love some one so much it is only fair to expect your heart to break when they leave this life.. It’s taken a year but in Memory of the Man who gave me faith love and did not have too.. dscn0727

Jesse Mark Wegner Jr. came into my family’s life 12 years ago.. and from day one we were his “Little Family”.. He was protector.. teacher.. Helper, friend.. and Ompah.. IMG_0022

I learned many things from this amazing man.. but most of all I learned who my dad really was. Jesse did not have to be my dad.. he chose to be!!!! Al though at times I thought He was just staying because he adored my daughter… I still know he loved me in his own way.. 00096

There is so much more I can say.. but I really wanted to take the time to say how much we love and Miss you Jess… I know families are forever.. so I know that when it is my time I will be with him forever..

Oh and Jess.. Mom still Likes you!!!

I'll Make Love To You

2 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. I went to Magnolia High School with Jesse, and we played in a few bands together during high school. But what I remember best is I used to come over his house and we shared our Cream and Doors and Iron Butterfly and CCR records (and more) on his family’s neat console stereo. And we talked….. Jesse was such a great friend. After graduation in 1970, I didn’t see him again until 2011, when I watched him play a gig with another high school musician friend. That night Jesse looked and sounded the same as when I last saw him in 1969. It was surreal. He called me later in 2011 and we talked for a few minutes, but I never got the chance to call him back. Then about a month ago I found out that he was gone. I wish I had called him again. Yes, like all the other testimonials, he was a great person and a great friend, and an incredible musician. – Pete Dunne

    • Pete,

      Thank you so much for your thoughts on my dad.. i’m sorry that we were not able to get the word out to everyone who knew him.. there were so many who loved my dad and i feel blessed everyday that he came into our life.. His spirit truly lives evey day in my life and in my daughters as she talks about her “umpah”..

      I know that Jess is looking down smiling that you are remembering him so fondly.. if you have any pictures to share we would love to see them!!!

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