my pro pianist….

Tricia Playing Piano

My daughter has grown into such a beautiful young lady. . And her musical talents just amaze me. My pre teen worked for over a year on this very difficult piece. . “Hedwig`s Theme” from the famous Harry Potter moviesWikipedia calls it the leitmotif for the series. . And my brilliant child made me so proud. .

She still has a long way to come. .. but I’m sure in the future she will be very good and will be able to play anything.

It’s moments like this that make my completely proud. . However it makes me sad. Each passing day I watch my baby turn into a very beautiful, extremely talented young woman.

I’m sure there will be more I can post as her talents before. . Keep tuned in!

2 thoughts on “my pro pianist….

  1. I absolutely know what you mean… they just grow up way too fast and before you know it… they’ll be away living a life of their own!! Better cherish every moment ma!

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