When you take History too Far…. Ghost Stories Part (we’ll see how this goes)

One of my favorite subjects in school was always history. I enjoyed learning about the people, the cultures, and I often would find myself wondering what life would have been like. Can you imagine living in Cleopatra’s times, wearing the clothes they wore, living the life they lived? As I watch buildings going up in Downtown, Los Angeles, I often think back to what it must have felt like to watch the pyramids being built.

My obsession with History, has lead me on many interesting journey’s, from wanting to learn more about historical buildings, to learning everything I can about the history of my favorite places in the world.. (my next blog will be focused mainly on one of those Places)

Anyways, back to why I started writing this piece in the first place.. Those of you who know me well, know that I work for hotels. I love my job and sometimes hotels ,and the cities around them have a very interesting story.. One that can be used as a selling tools, as well as being very interesting elevator stories. We live in a country with a very vivid history, so someone like me should be able to find out tons of stories and keep themselves intrigued for years. Well, thats me, intrigued and obsessed to some extents.. 

 I work in the heart the Entertainment Scene, where history (especially the 1930’s-40’s) can really tell us a lot about the Entertainment industry.. Where old money, mixed with new and where culture truly began (or so I say). I work in Beverly Hills, near Hollywood. And let me tell you.. The history around here is amazing.. and what’s told on those tours that you pay tons of money for, are not always true.

Working in Beverly Hills, has made me very interested in learning the history of my hotel, as well as the area.. I mean come on, Marilyn Monroe, the Marx brothers, The Black Dahlia, The Original Fox Studios, Paramount, and Movie Magic, All happened in this area. And it is exciting to try seeing what might have happened at this hotel. (Sadly the hotel does not date back far enough for me to have found out anything interesting.) However, in doing research on the area, I became obsessed with the Black Dahlia, the story and the truth that will never be known.


I learned about the Hollywood Tower Hotel and what really happened the night 5 people Mysteriously disappeared, how a lightening strick created an amazing Hollywood style ghost story and how the hotel was shut down for years. (ONLY HoLLYWOOD COULD CREATE A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE MAGIC GHOST STORY!) These are not stories to be scared of now, because they really are not ghost stories.. There tragedies that occurred.. but let me tell you I find them fascinating.

I can tell you I have learned recently, I need to watch what I talk about around the house .. These stories may fascinate me and may not scare me, but they are Ghost stories to an always listening 11 year old. Recently, We stayed at my hotel with one of her friends (Can you say best sleepover ever?) and I was abruptly awoken by 2 girls who were scared, after telling ghost stories in the dark… (and real ones at that).

My beautiful daughter thought it would be a brilliant idea to share the story of the Black Dahlia (what she could remember) and the Story of the Real Holly Tower of Terror (again what she could remember). Then because they did not know how to turn out the light right, the light began flickering , making the girls believe there was a ghost in the room. I had to explain the history of the hotel that I know and told them our hotel has no ghosts (sadly, for all those ghost lovers out there).

Maybe my addiction to history and “Ghost” stories has gone too far.. But I truly can tell you I love the knowledge I have about the History of this very Colorful city!!!!


Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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