In Honor of all those who Serve and Have Served our Country..

By all means!!!

In 2011, I wrote a Post “If you can’t stand behind our Troops.. Please stand in front of them”… I meant what I said back then and I still live by those standards.

Oh Say can you see…

With Veterans Day past, (I know I’m late on this!!!) It made me think a lot about our troops, and the fights they currently fight and the fights of the past.

This Country has seen enough blood for a Life time, with wars that mattered and wars that we truly should have stayed out of.. for those not familiar let me do a “Me” recap of those wars!

“In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” (ok, I think most of us know, he Sailed to find Japan).. however he came across a Land that was filled with more than just spices and Gold.. It was filled with Native people and land galore.. In April of 1607, The First Colonist came to North America and Settled in Jamestown.. Now let me say, they had a hard time of it.. There was a lot of death and a lot of hardship to begin settling this country (and of course you have our first Thanksgiving.. Which I will not cover in this post). Thus began the First of 13 Colonies.

Lets go back to the Revolutionary war! 1775–1783 This war was the foundation of our Country. Most of the Immigrants that came to America, came to get away from the English King, to get away from taxation, to get away from religious persecution. Little to say things were fine for a while.. and then things went out of control… Taxes Skyrocketed and The cost of items that had to come from England were crazy.. There was this whole thing about Taxation without representation.. and come on it was hard t o be represented.. as England was “A WORLD” away across the Atlantic Ocean. So in 1775 The American Revolution began and the Colonists fought for the right to be FREE! The brave men who won this battle and began what is now our BELOVED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA were the FIRST veterans of WAR!  These brave men fought for a purpose and Succeeded..

The Next War that I want to Address is the Civil War.. The only war in American History that had Americans fighting Americans. It was North against South (1861-65) Brother Against Brother, Father against Son. There were so many issues to be fought for, and truly this was the bloodiest battle America had ever seen. These brave Men were true Veterans of War, as they all fought for what they believed.. No one was wrong in this matter. This is the first Battle I can truly relate to as I have relatives who fought and died and relatives who lived through this.. Sadly I do not know the stories of those who survived, except just that.. They SURVIVED.

WORLD WAR 1 originally called WORLD WAR, or the European War, took place July 28, 1914 till  November 11,1918. Sadly I do not know too much about this war.. I do know that I had relatives who fought, but not much more than this.. I did read on Wikipedia, that America Tried to stay out of this War and We were out of it until April of 1917, when Woodrow Wilson finally called War on Germany, who had violated international law and sank seven U.S. merchant ships… through research I find that there are no Living Surviving Veterans of World War 1.

World War 2, said to take place 1939 to 1945, a war that America truly Fought to keep out of, was the largest War to take place and involved more the 30 countries. In December of 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, entering America into World War 2. My Grandpa fought in this war and truly I feel this is the FIRST War that ever really enticed me into learning more about world history.

In the Civil War, World War 1 and 2, men wanted to be drafted to fight for their country, there are stories of young boys, who lied about their age to stand up for their beliefs and fight!

The Korean War and The Vietnam wars start the wars that I feel America truly should not have been involved in.. But we have a lot of Veterans from those wars.. and these wars truly affected the men of this country, as well as truly affected the colorfulness of the country we live in..

Vietnam hits close to home so I will focus more on that.  From what I have read and learned, I truly feel there was no need for our country ever being in Vietnam.. and I can tell you I am sure the victims names on the traveling wall are proof that we had no need to be there. My dad served in Vietnam, and I can tell you he did not want to be there.. When Vietnam started our country drafted young men to fight. My father felt that he might get out of service if he Married.. WRONG.. He was still drafted.. He fought the war and though he never talked about it, I often have wondered what all he saw over there. Too many senseless deaths and we could have stopped it, by never being there in the first place. The Majority of our veterans today are from the Korean and Vietnam wars.. these men fought a fight they did not have to and fought it because they were told to by our country and because they loved our country the went.

We will never..

In the 1980’s the draft ended… The young men and women who have since become veterans, did so by their own choices.

When I was in 3rd grade, We wrote to soldiers of Desert Storm.. Another war we did not need to be involved in.. I can remember the letter I wrote and the responses I received, Those Men and women who fought there were brave and listened to the government they served. They never questioned why, they just did.

Never Forget

And then we come to the War that is Closer to home.. I believe they are calling it the War fo Afghanistan. In 2001, American Soil was hit, Millions of Lives affected and again our soldiers were sent to war. This “war” has had Americans in an uproar for over 10 years. There are many who feel that we are done and that we need to leave.. I don;t know the answer nor do I have an opinion I am willing to share.. Let me just tell you with Friends and Relatives who have “become”veterans from this war, this probalby hits the closet to home… I will tell you that the brave Soldiers who have died, who have become veterans, and who continue to fight every day for our freedom, do it because they love our country, they believe in our freedoms ( which was won by the REVOLUTIONARY WAR) and they love us. They do this so each of us can continue to enjoy the safe Haven we feel on this soil. I remember how I felt September 11, 2001. and I can tell you I never want my daughter to have to experience that.. Plus I enjoy alot of those freedoms.. (like now as I spill my guts on what I feel)

As I said before, If you can’t stand behind our troops, then stand in front of them.. But I will also say, I salute each and every man and women who has served, who has died and the ones who continue to serve.

I will also say this… GOD Bless AMERICA and our Troops! Thank you for all you do!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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