So Grateful- a This is Me Challenge

I follow an awesome blog, One that inspired me to name my blog as I did, but also that will give me ideas of what to blog about. (Not that I did a good job of blogging and reading about it!)

In Honor of Thanksgiving though.. I felt that the challenge I received on Wednesday called “So Grateful”. The challenge basically said, In 2 Minutes come up with what you are thankful for, with the knowledge that what was on this list we keep forever and what is not we lose forever..

Now I thought i would video my daughter with no warning to see what she said.. Truly I felt 2 minutes was way too long, but I was impressed with what she came up with.. Though the Joke now is that she has plates for food, but no food, a roof over her head but no clothes, no books, unless they are electronic and that she will be in middle school forever!!!

Here is her video for you to enjoy!!!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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