Smile… It makes everything better


This Morning on the way to work, as I was getting off the freeway in Tent City ( the local Homeless Community), instead of the normal Homeless Signs asking for money..


There was a Homeless Man standing there with a sign that said SMILE.. of course the first thing I did was SMILE, I then felt like I could help this man (It made me feel more willing..) While I had no CASH on me (I’m one of those awful people who never carry cash) I did have a bottle of water I offered.. He refused and said he just wanted to give everyone a SMILE for Thanksgiving and that the Smile back was all he wanted!

It truly made me think about things.. of course as I am driving with a smile and tears in my eyes!

So here are my “Smiles” for today:

smileSmile Because somewhere out there someone is thinking of you
Smile because you are loved
Smile because you are warm
Smile because you have food on your table
Smile because no matter how bad it is someone has it worsedownload

Smile because at the end of the day a smile burns more calories than a frown
Smile because somewhere in the back of your mind you are laughing at a funny joke
Smile to make someone else smile

nice-life-thoughts-quotes-charlie-chaplin-problem-smile_largeSmile because it’s Someday
Smile because you can still dream
Smile because you are still breathing
Smile to Smile
Smile because it’s a new fashion
Smile because you have a job
Smile because the sun is shining.. (somewhere)

Smile because when the weather is bad (somehow its good for us)
Smile when trials tempt us
Smile when things get bad.. because somehow it will get better

Smile when you need to ventimages (1) 
Smile when life gets you down
Smile when things are good
Smile when Life happens
Smile when you’re remembering

images (5)

Just Smile, You never know whose day you may completely change by that one


act of kindness.. Maybe someone needs to borrow your smile to make them feel better?

I truly hope that I have made you Smile.. No matter how bad you feel.. When you Smile you can’t help to start to feel better.. And you know your really can’t be angry when you are laughing and smile!!!


Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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