Boycotting Christmas… or at least the “World” term of it

This year I was excited for Christmas…. for a day. I mean, the music was about to begin, the Lights and decorations, the shopping, the gifts, the love of family around.. and don’t forget time off of work, as well as the fabulous dinner we will have, I mean I was just as excited as the next guy, maybe even bordering too excited.

Then reality sunk in and honestly, I suddenly I felt like this Christmas sucks.. and I really don’t want it.. Now don’t get me wrong.. I want to celebrate with Family and Friends, the true meaning of Christmas.. But this Commercial Crap and Materialism is soooo over board.

My adorable daughter, who is wise beyond her years, told me at the start of the season, that she really was not happy with Christmas any more that people and the wanting was just too much. When I asked what she wanted to do, she said to bring back the real meaning of Christmas and to serve. I truly have been thinking about this for over a week. ( I also want to add, I did not once share my thoughts with her until after the fact)

Christmas was started for a reason, a very precious and simple reason. We Celebrate the birth and life of Christ, what his purpose was on earth and what he died for. He is the truest example of Service, Love, devotion and Sacrifice. 

I found on Wikipedia this Verbage:

“An early expression of this sentiment using the phrase of “the true meaning” is found in The American magazine, vol. 28 (1889): “to give up one’s very self — to think only of others — how to bring the greatest happiness to others — that is the true meaning of Christmas”

We have to give to others, and I truly don’t think it means lavish gifts that you realistically can’t afford.. It means showing love, buying/ preparing a meal for someone who can’t, providing a blanket for warmth, giving a hug or a smile, sharing a talent to say thank you.

My Daughter started the season off right, with her own 2 hands, and very minimal guidance she made cookies for our local firemen, to say thank you for serving and watching our town, while we enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner. What else she will think of I have no clue.. But I know that I will support it!

I have always been one of those that loved shopping at Christmas, one to find that perfect present for my loved one, but seriously, Presents have gotten sooo expensive. A couple of years ago Santa, Bought my daughter an awesome video game System, I saw the receipt and it was around $120. Looking in the store the cost is around $300 for the newest and latest model.. The Games have gone up and don’t get me started about the cost of the Tablet.. I can just buy a new laptop for the cost.

I find it ridiculous how people are so HOT on these expensive gifts.. In a small office of 5 people, 3 of them want to get their boss an extravagant, $320 purse. They want the 4 office mates to share in the cost.. Never thinking, A. how this looks, B. How someone feels not really being included and C. Not counting on the fact that some people may NOT be able to afford that. On top of this Extravagant gift, they also want to do a Secret Santa, adding more cost and not thinking that maybe just maybe someone can’t afford to do this.. (NO PRESSURE HERE)

On another note, The Organization has a Holiday Party for the Entire workforce, and sometimes departments will do their own smaller thing. However, Let’s say the organization generously pays for both of those, Do you really think doing a Lunch at a Restaurant that costs $80 a head and everyone pays for them self for a Separate “Holiday” Lunch is acceptable? This is in addition to the 2 I talked about.. Hello.. I think its taking the “Season” just a little too far.

Call me “Grinch” However, I am done with the Season.. I want to Put “Christ” back into to CHRISTmas.. Make it about him.. tell about the beautiful story, about a Virgin, her wonderful Husband, a Baby and a manger bed. Offer love, hope and SERVICE, to a world very much in need.

I found this in Wikipedia and totally agree with C.S. Lewis:

In the early 20th century, Christian writers such as C. S. Lewis had already noted a distinct split between the religious and secular observance of Christmas. In Xmas and Christmas: A Lost Chapter from Herodotus, Lewis gives a satire of the observance of two simultaneous holidays in “Niatirb” (“Britain” spelled backwards) from the supposed view of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus (484–425 BC). One of the holidays, “Exmas”, is observed by a flurry of compulsory commercial activity and expensive indulgence in alcoholic beverages. The other, “Crissmas”, is observed in Niatirb’s temples. Lewis’s narrator asks a priest why they kept Crissmas on the same day as Exmas. He receives the reply:

It is not lawful, O Stranger, for us to change the date of Crissmas, but would that Zeus would put it into the minds of the Niatirbians to keep Exmas at some other time or not to keep it at all. For Exmas and the Rush distract the minds even of the few from sacred things. And we indeed are glad that men should make merry at Crissmas; but in Exmas there is no merriment left.” And when I asked him why they endured the Rush, he replied, “It is, O Stranger, a racket. . . [38]

I pray and beg that all will consider my “boycott”, as well as will respect it..  I am not Boycotting the Reality of “Christmas”, The love, joy and true meaning of it.. I am “Boycotting” The Modern Term of Christmas and Bringing Christ back into my heart this year!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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