DAY ONE: Me Me and More Me


So this is Me in July 179..


Me in May 190…


Me in April 199..

Let me tell you why I chose 3 Pictures opposed to one..

In January I weighed 209 lbs.. I was on a Serious mission to lose weight.. I tried everything and in March finally found a solution to my dilemma.. I quite eating..

Ok not literally.. But what I did do was mix weight watchers, and the BODY BY VI diet together and joined a Nation that was determined to lose weight.. My 90 day challenge went great.. and as you can see I have come a Great Lengths, the number next to the month is how much I weighted.. I have not taken a picture recently.. But when I do I will add that in as.. I have come a long way with 44 lbs lost!!! 

I still have a lot to lose but I am very happy with the ME in the last picture and even happier now with the me I see in the mirror. My Next 90 day challenge is to LOSE 25 lbs.. I hope to do this by Christmas, But will be happy if I do so by Valentines day!! 

  • So, Do you want to lose weight?
  • Have you tried the 90Day Challenge? If not ask me how and I can share my fabulous secret!!!
  • Tell me about your secrets to losing weight!!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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