DAY 3: Frankly My Dear, I want all of you forever, Because I only brought One bottle of vodka

Ok, So on to day 3.. Its funny because I knew right off the bat two of them.. But I struggled with picking the 3rd as I have soo many.. But honestly These all fit me. (hope  you guessed from my title but if not here goes!!)

1. Gone with the Wind

Vivien Leigh som Scarlett O´ Hara i filmen "Borta med vinden".

Scarlet is my most favorite and the most classic, I absolutely adore her, and how she can’t ever make up her mind.. Really reminds me of me!!!

Prissy ( Butterfly McQueen ): “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies.”

I also love Prissy ( and sadly I think I should have named my daughter after her, because she is sooooo slow, but my favorite line ever from Prissy is… drum roll please:





But honestly, at a young age I Feel love with Rhett Butler… He truly loved Scarlet and after she walked all over him, broke him down and tossed him to the curb, only when he finally decided enough was enough, he was walking out the door and GONE, did she decide that she wanted him and that she loved him.. definitely sounds like me!!!


2. The Divine secrets of the YA YA Sisterhood:

I could watch this movie over and over and over again.. and never get sick of it and find something else to love about. I truly feel that all can relate. We blame our parents all the time for our Messed up lives. (as I did in my blog, I blame you, Mom!!!) Reality is I am sure there is good and bad in everything that happens to us.. but some of the worst times brings us closer together, and can sometimes bring us the best memories.

But Just I case, if someone in my family or my friends need me, I will remember this One Quote and bring 2!!!

3.Last but not Least, another Movie I can watch over and over again, always cry at the end and still find something new to love:

THE NOTE BOOK- what an ultimate love story. I truly would love to end my life that way, in the arms of the man I love and who loves me, who is so devoted that even when I would not remember him, he would stay by my side. Sadly I see this happening in real life, One of my dear friends mom’s has forgotten all, and her sweet husband stands by her side, you can truly feel the love from them and I just cry everytime I see them!

My all time favorite line from this movie, is one that I truly hope to be able to hear some day.. or at least find someone who would feel it, even if he can’t say it!

  • So what are your Favorite movies, quotes and why?
  • What do you think about mine?
  • If you could be one character from any of the 3 movies who would you be?
  • is my “NOAH” Out there?

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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