Happy New Years 2014- May the Force, the Spirit and the Hope of good things to come, bless you and your family in this New Year!

As I sit here on New Years Eve and think about 2013, There are no great tales to tell.. I am grateful for another year to learn and grow, I am grateful for the health of my family and friends, I am grateful to new friends and old, and I am grateful for all I have done.

Last year at this time, I made the decision not to set “NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS”. I truly hate that phrase, because year after year of trying, I never was able to accomplish anything. Last Year I Set goals to try to Accomplish for the 2013 Year.. (See New Year 2013)

So first off, Lets hold me Accountable for 2013…

Here is the list of things I said I would do! And next to it in SOME fun color I will be accountable for what I did!

1. write a book –Nope not even close.. Though I think I have written a few pages

2. lose 40 pounds- YES!!! I actually lost a total of 44 pounds and am SUPER proud of my acheivement

3. Learn more in my career/ Become better at what I do- Not really though I changed careers a little and have done lots of training to try bettering myself

4. Learn how to knit- NOPE not even close.. But I am 3 times better at Crocheting!!! 

5. Start and finish a beautiful crochet project-I have finished many though no pictures to prove it! 

6. Finish my personal progress-Sadly I don’t even think I worked on this at all this year.. Super sad about this one! 

7. Return to blogging with a minimum of 1 blog a week– I failed this one greatly. and even when I finally started again in October, I truly failed even more!!! 

8. Be able to repair / remodel my house- Not even close! Though I did find a way to create 2 rooms without doing any real remodel and repair

9. become the best mom/ daughter that I can be-I think I have become better, though you may need to ask my mom and daughter if I truly accomplished anything here.

10. Take my family to Ohio on Vacation in November– Sadly this was not in the question this year.. time off and money failed me. Though I did send my daughter and mom to Oregon for A Week in the Summer.. 

Ok.. So now that I feel like a failure (not really I did accomplish some and made some strives to other things.) I will make a list of GOALS for 2014.

1. Complete another 90 Day challenge with BODY By Vi to lose the final 35 pounds I need to lose! (hopefully by Valentines Day? )

2. Become a better friend, Daughter and Mother- Though you may say this is not a good goal for me it is because it is such an effort.. I prefer to stick my head in the sand!

3.REPAIR MY HOUSE- Now I know this should be an easy task, but it takes time money and the strength to acknowledge that it truly needs to be done!!! (Anyone Want to help me Because sadly.. I truly need to get the money for it! ) A. Repair my roof before it caves in on me!!! B. Repair the areas that seem to leak when ever it rains C. Replace the windows, to save money, and to reduce the cost of electricity. 

4. Become a better blogger, increase my blogging community and Possible finish one of the many books that I have started a paragraph on. 

I’m thinking I will stick to 4 goals this year.. I will try to update you all as the year goes on, though.. it seems my habit is to abandon my blog from February till October. (Call it a mini Alzheimers?)

So my Questions for you..

1. What are you GOALS for 2014?

2. Any tips on how I may be able to achieve any of these goals?

Looking forward to hearing from each of my Blogging Friends.. Have a Safe and Wonderful New Year!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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