ZERO TO HERO: DAY 1- This is Me… for all it’s worth!!!

My name is Merridy, and I enjoy long walks on the beach, and sharing romantic candlelit dinners.. Shoot, wait!,  you mean this is not the Los Angeles National Speed Dating Convention…..


Unfortunately, NO, 

Let me START explainING: WordPress created an absolutely brilliant, and annoying blogging challenge for 2014, Zero to Hero. This challenge was designed for those starting their blogs, those who have neglected their blogs (they should have just called me out on that one) and those who want to “establish” their blogs more.  Since I have neglected my blog and am looking to find a way back to doing this frequently.. I have joined the challenge, submitting my time, blood, and name into the pile of those who will also jump ship!!

So, Who am I?  I am a very Unique and Quirky Person. Some people call me Shy, Standoffish and Rude, while others think I am friendly, outgoing and very personable. I’m a Women, vengeful at times,


Hi! This is ME!!!

 but I am also a daughter, a mom, and sometimes a friend. Some people can also say I am their worst Nightmare.. (LOL not really just had to throw that in there!) My feelings mean something and honestly, that’s the whole reason I started this blog. But, I’ll get to that later on.

So, Why do I choose to blog? I blog because I want to, I blog because I need an avenue to vent out the bad stuff, and to acknowledge the good. I blog because I happen to think I am a decent writer. Half the time, my blogs are more for myself.. a journal of sorts to help me sort out my mind. Forgive and forget.. Kind of Sort.. More like Dwell on forever and ever. Sometimes, I really wonder if anyone really cares about what is going on in this crazy mind of mine.. But I truly love where it goes and I love where this blog as gone..whose temper is like a wildfire. I tend to bottle things up and unless I find a way to vent them, I’m likely to explode. Now for the fun quick Brief: I love singing, writing, crocheting, I love animals, I love my daughter, I love my job (Most of the time).. and realistically if you want to know more.. There’s a Page on here that you can ask me all those juicy, delicious questions you are just dying to know!!!

Realistically, my blog is very random.. About as random as me.. with thoughts being very crazy and random and mixed up.. you can’t really follow my blog like a book, as usually there are a million stories intertwined and sometimes pages are missing in between.

So where am I going.. I’m shooting for the Moon.. hoping for the stars..

No really, I have no clue.. like my mind, this blog has no real direction.. Just whatever direction life directs me to. I’m not about to put a GPS on that! I would love to have more readers, more insight to my insanity, and more thoughts.. I more right because I want to, not because I have to. I want to know about the people who read my words, I would love to have comments that ask me things, give me advice and help me through this CRAZY thing called my life.

SO This is me.. for what it’s worth! and each post will get you even closer to learning more about the real me and what goes on in my mind.. So all are welcomed.. just pull up a seat and watch out.. you never know where we will go next!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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