What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

-William Shakespeare

Today’s ZERO to HERO Challenge , is what is your name.. This is refering to our blog and how to add things to make our blog a little more appealing. We were told to look at our blog name, at our tag line and add in an “about this blog” Widget.. (O.k. for those who don’t speak blog.. A widget is a thingy on the side bar, header, or footer that adds a little something to your blog… still not making sense.. Well, just trust me.. Its there, over to the right.. —>!)

Realistically when people start talking about names, the Famous Shakespeare Quote from Romeo and Juliet always pops into my head. What is in a name? I mean, you can call me many different names..(and I’ll probably respond to them)… but I am still me.. Right? You might think so.. But not necessarily..

About Three years ago,  I had been going through a lot of personal stuff.. I could not figure out why the “Ghosts of Relationships Past” could not tell me why I had not found love.. Being the Actress I am (o.k I’m not a good one) I was trying to conform myself to the guys I was dating.. Liking the things they liked, trying to be the way they wanted me to be..And sadly over time it was tiring to keep up the act and My true self would be revealed and the guys would leave.  So, three years ago,  I made a pact with myself.. NO MORE PRETENDING TO BE A ME THAT DID NOT EXIST!

Now, I may have taken it to the extreme ( THAT’S TYPICAL ME). How ever, I realized that if a guy could not like/love me from the get go for being who I was, then it really was not worth it to be in a relationship with him.. I try to let everyone know who I am up front, BITCH and all. (Probably why this gal is even more so now STILL “SINGLE”)

When I started the blog, with the knowledge that this was basically about ME, about my mind, about my thoughts.. I figured what a better name.. “This is ME.. For what its worth..” ( and the rest of it is).. Take it or leave it! ) Just don’t typically add the last part in!)

Is it the best philosophy on life..? Probably not. But I love it as my Blog’s Concept and figure I need to/and will continue it!

SOOOOO, now it’s your turn:

  1. How did you create your blog name?
  2. What are your thoughts on mine?

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Firstly thanks for the checking my blog out!

    Secondly, being a true version of yourself in front of people is difficult to do. I just put up a wall and its an obvious one until they try and make an effort to get to know me and then it all comes down and they meet the real me.

    The online me is pretty much how I am in real but the one I always show. Life can be difficult.

    As for your questions…
    I created my blog name by consulting with a friend who also shares the blog with me, although he’s part-timing at the moment. It was an available domain at the time (Obviously not anymore; taken). Sleeping Geeks is about being a Geek and the Sleeping aspect makes it sound cool and gives it a concept.

    I really liked your name because it has honesty written all over it and that’s what people look for in bloggers. They want to know you, the honest you. That’s what they relate with.

    • Thank you so much for checking out my blog as well..

      Also thank you for your comments.. Its great to know that my name is honest.. But Honestly.. Its just who I am..

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