The Meaning of OHMPA..

He was OmpahAs I started writing this Post.. I had a different name for it.. However, as I began thinking more and more about what I wanted to say.. I would change the angle of this post.. and as I’m writing this I’m tearing up so I’m not too sure how well this is going to be written

You see, this is the 2 year anniversary of my DAD passing away. and sadly he left us alone with only memories. So, Let me first explain my title…

What is an Ohmpa?  (and no I do not mean the oompa loompa’s from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory) There is no dictionary definition and I’m sure no one has heard this name before.. unless you know my family and my daughter. Ohmpa was what my daughter called my dad. Ohmpa in her eyes meant love and devotion and hugs and well,…. her grandpa!

Jes and Tricia 1st Christmas

Let me go back a bit more though.. you see the man in the picture, well he really was not my dad.. 12 years ago, he was brought into our life and I feel blessed to be able to say I was able to help choose my dad. His name was Jesse Mark Wegner Jr.


I can remember very clearly.. I was dating my daughters father and he was a musician.. My mom and I went to see him play at King’s Fish house.. and there was Jesse playing in the band.. I can remember telling my mom that I thought he liked her.. and my mom did not think it was possible.. Over time it turned out he did.. and the love that my mom and dad shared was wonderful. Some of my mom’s memories are for her to share and not for me.. November 2, 2001 became a day to remember and Jesse not only got my mom.. but he got a daughter, a 19 year old daughter but one just the same.. Jandmom

For a man who had never envisioned himself with a family, we were his little family. He loved us dearly and the greatest day for him was on November 2, 2002 His Grand daughter joined the world. I know he loved my mom.. but I think that baby brought something so much more to his life..

Here are memories that need to be told:

1. Jesse was a true dad, and even with his “limited” knowledge of being a dad he knew how to stand by his daughter and make her feel “protected’ …  during my 15 minutes of fame he not only acted a proud dad, as well as was my body guard..

2. My dad hated “Chick Singers”, Especially ones who sang “Crazy by Patsy Cline” But he knew how to be supportive of his “chick singer” Daughter and not only taught me to do the Best darned “Crazy” in the world.. but he also taught me how to do the BEST “Black Velvet- by Alannah Myles” ever- Playing in a live band was never easy.. but My dad made it easy, He knew I needed help to count myself in (meaning when to start) and he had his little signals to make sure I never looked like a fool.


3. My dad taught my daughter how to be a blues girl.. On a trip to the Grand Canyon, he shared his favorite hat with her and many memories.. Jes2

4. My dad taught my daughter how to count… to 3 that is- I worked the 3pm-11pm shift and when my mom and dad were not driving around the city soothing my daughter to sleep with oldies, My dad would sit in his comfy chair with my daughter and watch Wrestling.. they loved watching wrestling and he would “let” her wrestle him to the ground and then teach her “How to Count”0052

5. My dad was always willing to “Play’ Dress up with my daughter.. or just play pretend..

Kevin's birthday Party010 Kevin's birthday Party007Indians

6. My dad was patient… He knew how much my daughter adored him.. He played bass in the band.. and my daughter wanted to be with him.. So he would let her climb into his lap and “play” bass with him. He never missed a bit and he made one little girl very happy.


7. When My Princess Diva got old enough to “sing” with the band.. my dad was patient enough to allow her to not only just stand there, but to “reprimand” one of his band members for playing before she started singing.

8. My dad was always there when my Car battery died, he dropped everything he was doing, drove out of his way and “saved’ me.

9. I’m crazy insane (incase I have not made that clear in previous posts) and for some reason have an issue with Brake on cars.. I was always driving my dad nuts saying that I needed new brakes or something was wrong with them. He would always patiently take a look at them and though it was hard work he never complained.. to me that is.

10.My dad was the only one who ever, REALLY, stood up to me. But he also stood up for me and Stood by me when all else failed.

11. My favorite Christmas present (Sorry, Mom) was from my dad.. I had just started my CAREER, and he knew I wanted to look more professional.. he bought me a really expensive Briefcase to show his support.. I don’t use it anymore.. however will always hold on to it, because it means the world

12. My dad brought me faith.. When things got bad and I wanted to toss in the books, he A. would not take my “boycott” to saying prayer (he said he was not going to deprive that baby from God” and B. would throw the bible at me and tell me to “read the bible , little girl”

I’m crying now, so this is getting a little hard, but there are a few more things I want to say..

My mom and dad had a relationship I craved.. He did not just love my mom, that was too simple and too common for them.. He always said that he “liked” my mom. His last words to my mom were that he liked her.003 (2)2

He would always remember Anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas’. He would pick up flowers or little stuffed animals. When ever he played at Knott’s Berry Farm, he would visit his friends at the Glassblowers Shop and would always bring little gifts for us.. They were always so beautiful and he even had special Blue Roses made for my mom.

2 years ago, My dad had a stroke, and We knew that if he lived he would never be happy. For 72 hours we stayed at the Hospital with him, we held his hand and We shared precious little moments. He made me promise to be nice to my mom and to take care of “Our Little Family”.

IMG_0022 families are forever

I don’t know if I ever truly told Jesse how much he meant to me.. He was the dad I never had.. at moments did not want and the Dad I chose. I truly loved him.. and My daughter loved her Ohmpa.

Jesse you are truly missed and forever hold a special place in my heart and in our family’s heart.. Thank you for choosing to be my dad and for showing me what a dad truly was supposed to be.

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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