Standing in the Rain- Part 2

Standing in the Rain– Part 2

.. “I’m Done”.. I sink to my knees, not caring about the mud beneath. The rain is coming down heavier. I look up and I see him standing there head down.. The tears continue to fall and I know I must finish this.

I look up again, but the man in front of me has changed.. no longer can I see the familiar face that I once loved. I am vaguely confused but comforted by the stranger who now stands in front of me. He reaches out his hand, and through tear streaked eyes and hesitation, I reach my hand out to feel his strong grip.

As I stare into his eyes, realization strikes and I now know  the reality the situation I am in. I am not on a lonely Street, Debating Life and Death and figuring out how to end all the pain. In Fact,  I am in the middle of a very busy street in the pouring rain. How I got here? I have no recollection, though I do know that my mind is foggy and the rain is coming down even harder. The man in front of me is not “My Love”, and staring at him now I recognize the man. Sylvester Stallone stands with his hand in mine, offering to help me. Help me up, help me out of the street, help me be fine. He wipes the tears from my face.

I’m not thinking any more, and I really don’t care what led me here. I’m standing in the middle of the street, in the pouring rain with Sylvester Stallone.

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