Picture taken from the Parking garage at my work in Beverly Hills

This is the view of Downtown Los Angeles from my hotel today. . There’s a wild fire about 35-40 miles away. .. And the winds have carried the smoke here.  With the sunset it had a very pretty , eerie effect on the city.


Picture taken from the Parking garage at my work in Beverly Hills

UPDATED 1/17/14:

Let me start by saying I should have finished this blog before I posted it! To all who have already commented Thank you for your concern..

NOW on to what I needed to finish saying. First, let me say that I live near Pomona, California. I am close enough to the fires that in the cold dark morning hours, you get a chill up your spine and a fearful pit in your stomach when you smell the faint smell of smoke.. regardless of how far or how close the smoke plumes look, you never can be too sure how far away it really is!  On to some of the comments, My home has been blessed as the wind is blowing in an opposite direction of the house, so air really is not bad.. Though the wind can always change.  As for Work, I work in Beverly Hills ( on the opposite side of the world) the Air is not effected here.. however you can see the plumes of smoke drifting right over LOS ANGELES.. and heading into the Long Beach/ LAX Area.

Now on to the rest of this post. I am very sorry for those who are in the Glendora Hills. I pray for safety for all who live up there.. I pray for those near the fire, The firefighters, the Homes, as well as the animals. For those who have list their homes.. I am so sorry.. there are no words to replace all you have lost, no help that can truly comfort you as you struggle to figure out how to cope.

For the IDIOTS who started this… I am glad you were caught, and I truly hope that you are convicted to the highest punishment!!! HOW DARE you take the California Dry season lightly, how dare your thoughtlessness… You have caught 5 families their homes.. and I hope that is all the damage your act will do.. Just stop and think.. How would you feel? I can tell you, no matter your punishment, it will never be strong enough to pay back the damage you have done in lives, and  in the landscape.


  1. I have a friend, a fellow Sparky’s Blog Challenge person, who lives near the wildfires and has struggled with the smoke in the air. I hope your air quality isn’t suffering too terribly where you are.

    • Lisa,

      I truly hope your friend and our fellow Sparky’s Blog Challenge is ok. I’m not quite as close.. My house is maybe 15 miles south.. and lucky the wind is not blowing in our direction. But I truly feel for your friend.. It is tough.. I hate when there are fires here, because no matter what you do, the ashes always find their way into your house!

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