Some More things I want my Daughter to know…

So my Last post.. 11 things I want my daughter to know..about her went over well in our house.. SOOOOOO.. I figured that I would add some more things to the list!!!

1. YOUR BLOND FOR A REASON, so be proud– You are always wishing your hair was a different color.. well let me tell you.. you are beautiful the way you are.. in a world where people can change their hair at a drop of a dime (ok. several dimes) Think before you try to change yours.. There are tons of women who WISH and LONG and even pay good $$$ to get the hair color you have.. (Including MOMMY). But let me tell you this you were made the way you were on purpose.. GOD had a purpose and a reason.. and HE answered my prayers.. Before you were born MOMMY wished for you to be blond.. I also wished other things… so here goes.. I wish for you to be a Blond haired Blue Eyed girl. We knew you were going to be tall.. BUT I wished that you would not be too tall.. just the perfect height.. SOOOOO.. any complaints.. you can blame me!!!

2. BE PROUD OF YOUR HERITAGE– You can’t change your blood.. nor should you want to.. Be proud that you have Irish, Welsh, French, German, Jewish and who knows what else in you.. Its your history and its a good one.

3. BE PROUD YOU ARE AMERICAN– and proud of those who stand up for our country.. there may be times when we hate the things others do, or say.. and that it seems like “LIFE IS NO FAIR” however we live in a country that has freedom, we can say the things we want and there are no limits to the things we can do.. We live in the country of dreams.. and though we disagree sometimes.. THIS IS THE BEST COUNTRY TO BE RAISED IN!!!

4. NEVER BE AFRAID– But don’t get cocky. Fear can hold you back on so many things.. Don’t let Fear get in the way of your dreams and aspirations. Fear can be your worst enemy.. But some times Fear is o.k. When you are faced with something that you should be afraid of.. Fear should lead you to the right choice.

5. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES– and while you’re at it, Nana’s. Although it may seem like we have never made mistakes, (you can start laughing now) you may be able to avoid some of the heartache and hardship that we both have been through, as well as aspire to something so much greater than we ever did.

6. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK – When things get rough, know that I am always there.. I will stand up for you. Even when you think I won’t. Sometimes I can’t help but at least know that I am here and that it is better to face things with 2 then alone.. At least we can sit together and i can hold your hand, or  you can cuddle with me and I will make it alright!!!

I hope these few more help you to grow and become a better person.. I know I love you more than anything in this life.. Nana and I will do anything for you.. As you start to grow into an even more precious young woman, Please know that we are here to answer any question, talk to you about anything, and that no matter what you do, I will always have your side and will help you through!

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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