“Can I have a Dollar?”

It’s getting late and I’m hungry.. I’m not too sure when the last time I ate was.. but I know I have to get something in my stomach soon. I am in a nice neighborhood, and I see a Jack-in the box. I know that the people in this community will not be happy I am around, however, I have to try to see if someone will give me just a dollar for food..

I walk in and I try to be silent, inconspicuous. I really do not want to be noticed.. but I guess if I want to eat I’m going to have to say something.

I notice a lady walk in, She looks like she has money and she looks nice. She walks up to the counter smiling and she begins to order her food. As I walk to her I notice another woman walk in, This one looks irritated, she seems like she is in a hurry and like she is in a bad mood.. She fidgets as she waits for the ‘nice” lady to finish.

I walk up to the “nice” lady and I ask her if she can spare a dollar, She opens her wallet and I can see the money in it . “Don’y give him anything”, the lady behind the counter says, “He’ll just use it for drugs.” I’m hurt by this comment as I have never done drugs, I am just down on my luck. No jobs, No home and No money..

“I’m sorry,” the “nice” lady says. ” I don’t have anything to spare.” She closes her purse and holds it close to her as she walks away. I look down and back away, embarrassed and saddened, that a simple comment could stand in the way of food.

The ” irritated” lady walks to the counter.. She looks at me and half smiles. “Can I get the key to the bathroom?” say says to the Cashier. “so, you going to buy drugs if I give you money?” This comment she says to me.

‘No, Maam” My head down

‘let me see what I can do” is her reply. She opens her wallet and I can see that there is nothing in it.. she keeps looking and I start to think maybe she is crazy.. she then looks up and say, “there it is, I knew I put it somewhere.” and hands me a folded bill. She swiftly walks, well maybe runs to the bathroom.

I unfolded the bill and see that it is not just a dollar, it is a 5. Oh, what a meal I can have for that.. but I only asked for a dollar, and I felt it would be wrong to take it all. so I quickly ordered one sandwich and waited to give the “irritated” lady her change.

So, here’s the thing.. I had to go to the bathroom.. Ok.. most people do.. But you don’t understand some nights, on my 2 hour drive home from work.. I can not wait for the restroom. So, along my route there are 2 places I know of that I can go, they are clean, and they are in good neighborhood. On  this particular day.. I HAD TO GO PEE. SOOO Bad.. and the Jack in the Box I go to added keys to the doors.. YIKES!!! This was not in the plans.. I noticed (because even though the neighborhood is nice) a lady standing at the counter and a guy standing to the side. Now I can honestly tell you that I did not think he was homeless from the looks of him, but in a way I didn’t care who he was at that moment. I HAD TO GO PEE!!! TMI.. I’m sorry but I did.

I watched this young man ask the lady in front of me for a dollar, and I saw her wallet as she started to give him some.. SHE HAD A TON OF CASH ON HER!!!! Then the lady at the counter, with a very mean look on her face had to make a comment about him buying drugs. That bothered me, and I know that its why the lady in front of me closed her purse and walked away.

I had no clue who this guy was, so I made up the thoughts above to show what he felt. I was feeling bad because I realized I must have seemed so distant, when he did not bother to ask me for money.. I looked him up and down and did not feel like he was the druggie type.. He just looked down on his luck.

I really did not have much, and I’m sure that I could have used that $5 dollars, but I figured it would give this man a nice meal.

Too my surprise when I came out of the bathroom.. He was there, with my change.. My heart broke and I wanted to do more.. I asked him if that meant there was not enough for a meal.. and he told me “No, I only asked you for a dollar and that’s all I took.”

I was actually proud of this man.. and so with the rest of the money, I had the girl at the counter make his sandwich into a meal..

As I walked away, I heard the girl say,” I decided to make it a large at no charge for you sir..”

It’s amazing how much one act, can change the world.. I can tell you his actions changed mine.. And I need to remember it does not matter how much I HAVE TO GO PEE, I should still be more engaged and be a little more friendly.. I hated that I felt I needed to call myself the “Irritated” Lady.. but that’s what I was..


2 thoughts on ““Can I have a Dollar?”

  1. Living on the streets, can be a ‘ I gotta take care of me first’ kinda place, not unlike another. I was laying down on the artificial turf at the Neil Good Day Center; it was a chilly and damp day in San Diego. With only a thin blanket; I was cold. However, I was thankful to be under a tarp and out of the rain. With my eyes closed, I felt someone covering me. Ahhh, the sweetness of a warm heart. I slightly open my eyes to see, it was the young lady laying next to me, sharing one of her blankets. Ever so gently she covered, tucked me in, not wanting to disturb. Her name is K.K. and her kindness will always be yet another reminder of God’s wondrous love and that there is no where, He is not. * smiles*

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