Kitten Bowl vs Puppy Bowl

O.k So we all know that the SUPER BOWL is coming this weekend.. and while I know Half the population will be watching it ( o.k. Maybe more.. and me I watch it for the commercials and the half time shows.. Discovery Channel and Hallmark Channel have decided to Cuten it up with their own bowls.. Rivaling the 2 together..THANK YOU GOD that I have 3 T.V’s in my house plus some computers.. I can put all 3 bowls on and Have the BEST Super Bowl Sunday ever!!!!

SO for you Who Think that a Kitten bowl and Puppy Bowl are ridiculous.. take a look at these select pictures and you tell me.. What can be more adorable to watch while the grown men are chasing after a ball, to watch adorable little critters have some fun.. and HEY I think if you look closely you may have some Football ALL Around..

(and BTW.. With 2 kittens in my house.. I may just have my own Kitten bowl to post!)



1. What would you rather watch.. or do you think you can pull it off and put all 3 bowls on at once?


3 thoughts on “Kitten Bowl vs Puppy Bowl

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