Celebrating an Anniversary: A Child’s Special day


Today, March 13 is a very special day to me and my family. It’s the day my mom became mine forever. O.K. So I guess I have some explaining to do..

Reality is my mom has been mine forever, well not really but From the day I was born, she wanted a little girl. and from the day I was born I wanted a mom. I know, I know I just confused you some more. You see, I was not born to my mom. March 13 I was adopted by my mom. She got to chose me, and this little girl (ok.. not so little) got to choose her mom.wpid-20140216_174013.jpg

As a child I spent 6 years in and out of Foster homes. I was in 6 homes from the age of 2 to 6, and all I wanted was to be someone’s. I can still remember the day I first saw my mom. I was attending a regular psychiatrist appointment that the county felt was necessary for kids like me.. I was in the waiting room, waiting my turn to go in, and there were other children I was playing with. and then the most beautiful woman walks in, and she smiled at me.. and she was nice.. I did not really get a chance to talk to her.. But I went home to the foster mom I had, and told her ” I met the woman who’s going to adopt me today”. I had no clue if I would see her again, but from what mom said she went through a lot of trouble to arrange it. (She had a feeling about me, as well)

The next time my mom saw me, she told me that I would see her again. I did not believe her, and she knew that.. I was surprised when my foster worker told me that I was going to go Visit the “Nice Lady from the doctor’s office”. I got to meet my dad and spend the day with my mom, at the end of the day, I remember being asked if I wanted to come live there. I was thrilled.. Someone actually wanted me. I even was allowed to take the doll I was playing with, with me till I came back (kind of as a promise). I had never felt so wanted..

Two years later, the adoption went through, But it was not just about what my mom wanted. The judge took me aside (because at 9,, I had a say) and asked me a whole bunch of questions. But the most important one was, “Do you want to live with your mom?”

March 13, 1991 I got a mom. We have had our hard time. There have been moments when I have said mean  things to my mom, where We seriously thought it was never going to work. But over time, I got over the fears, the anxiety and the ‘terrible” teens, and fell in love with my mom all over again.

March April 2011 146

It’s been 25 years since I came to be with my mom, and 23 since my mom became mine. I’m blessed to be able to say that I got to choose my mom. I love and appreciate her sooo much. I may have been awful and my still act awful some times, but she is mine.

Each year we are able to celebrate a choice we both made, one that I truly hope has made the difference for both of us. I know it made a big difference in my life.. I would not be the person I am today. It’s always fun to be able to celebrate together.. it’s kind of like having an extra birthday, but we both benefit!


I figure, This year I will tell my mom thank you.. I know it’s hard and I know all the sacrifice’s you made. It was not easy adopting an older child who already had a ton of baggage. Thank you for helping me through the baggage, and helping me to grow, and learn..and thank you for not killing me!

I love you for ever and like you for always, as long as I’m living my MOMMY you will be!IMG_9211


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