2 Words of Advice.. WALK AWAY

photo credit: KatinkaBille via photopin cc

photo credit: KatinkaBille via photopin cc

It seems over the last year I have heard many discussions, between Radio, Television and the Worldwide Web, about giving your “Younger Self ” Advice.

CBS News has a brilliant feature called “Note to Self” where accomplished people write notes to their younger selves, imparting all the wisdom that they’ve learned in the years since.  What advice & words of wisdom would you give to your younger self?  Would the wiser, older you tell the younger you to give yourself a break & to stop being so hard, judgmental & critical of yourself?  Think about it.  And watch the video below to find out what advice Oprah Winfrey gives in a note to her younger self.  It’s really inspirational & motivational, so be sure to also share this blog with your friends…

Read more: http://www.1043myfm.com/onair/shelley-wade-46996/video-oprahs-note-to-herself-11790675/#ixzz313xw141I

The Radio Station, 104.3 MyFm, that I listen to in the morning, had a conversation maybe 1-2 months ago, where they asked listeners to call in with only 2 words that they would give as advice. Here are some of the comments I remember;

  • Finish School
  • Have fun
  • Work harder
  • Work less
  • Save money
  • Listen more

There are several of these I would say I can give my Younger self, as well as any Teen out there. And probably more that I can think of.

Now I can tell you.. I would not have listened to myself or to anyone elses, I mean I didn’t listen to my mom so why would I listen to my own advice.  But after thinking long and hard the 2 words that have stuck in my mind are “Walk Away”.

You may be ask yourself, “Walk Away”? Really, that is what you would say? But there are so many things walking away would have saved me from. Here are some examples of what I did….(and I pray no one will want to try any of them!)

  1. When the troubled girls who were not my friends decided to take a “Day trip” .. I should have walked away and done the right thing.. That turned into a MAJOR problem and 24 hours later I was the one that paid the heavy price. (and the long grounding that followed)
  2. “When in Rome right, You do what the Romans do”.. Well, not really, and I learned first hand how much trouble that can get you into.. When a 3 day weekend at school came up and it was Friday night and time to go.. when the crew of “Friends” you are hanging with decides that staying at school and “throwing a party” is the right thing to do, even though my ride stayed, I should have walked away and found another way home.. I can tell you I found out who my friends were that night, I found out how made mom can be and how much trouble staying after the teachers leave can get you . (Especially when “We” were trusted to leave by a certain time and lock up!)
  3. “If everyone Jumped off a bridge, would you? ” Gosh I heard this a lot when I was younger.. and I never learned.. No, I did not jump off a bridge (though it sure did feel like it by the end of everything!).. But I did not learn to “Walk Away” when I should have.. I was a follower and trouble was all I followed.

There are many other examples I can share (or should I say really bad decisions?)And instead of really incriminating myself I think I will move on to the rest of what I have to say!

I truly feel that this is great advice for the young people out there, but as an adult I truly feel this advice might have saved me a lot of heartache, stress and hassle. and still can!


photo credit: TempusVolat via photopin cc

photo credit: TempusVolat via photopin cc

Examples of Epic Fails are!

photo credit: deeplifequotes via photopin cc

photo credit: deeplifequotes via photopin cc



1. When the Man I loved decided to See other women, I should have walked away instead of trying everything to convince him to stay..

That one ended up in very bad heartache and years later I can tell you that in some ways I regret the decision, but in other ways I am grateful because to this day and I say I gave him many options and opportunities!



2. When the going gets tough… I should have walked away. Things were bad at work.. I was over worked, under appreciated and Instead of Quietly walking away.. I blew up.. That cost me a job I loved, as well as financial difficulty and pain!

In my life I find that there are many times I should “walk away” and I am starting to learn how.. It has taken 30 years to teach myself but I am hoping that someone out there can learn.

No matter what happens if you know in your heart of hearts that it’s wrong, or that its going to hurt you in the long run, WALK AWAY.

If what you are doing could hurt someone else, Or if it could end up the biggest mess of all.. WALK AWAY!

After years of Experience.. I think I have this down!!

photo credit: Brett Jordan via photopin cc

photo credit: Brett Jordan via photopin cc



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