It’s the beginning of fall…

Can you hear it? the loud stillness of fall?  It’s beautiful and alarming all at once.

It’s my favorite time of year, so beautiful and something I can’t get the full effect in California. 

I love the smell of fall, the crisp, clean, spicy smell that floats in the cool breeze.  I love the beautiful fall colors,  the changing leaves, the fog that rolls in and the look of your breath in the air. 

If I lived where fall was real, I would have a house with a big wrap around porch, where I could sit and listen to the sounds of fall,  the crackling of branches, the high notes of the sparrow, and take in the smells.  There is something so peaceful about the fall.

I love the thought of racking up leaves and jumping in them,  to have to do it again and giggle all the while.

One year my aunt from Ohio sent waxed fall leaves for us. It made me miss home but I loved it. Can someone do that again?

When I think of fall, I think of Apple’s, pumpkins, cinnamon.  I think of Thanksgiving and being thankful, and spending time with lived ones,  of Halloween night and “trick or treating”.

Starbucks has a hot apple cider drink that I love and especially this time of year live ordering it. 

So in honor of fall, go order a hot Apple cider,  find a quiet place to sit and join me for a simple, small moment of peace. 

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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