Twenty Years Later.. Does it Matter?

My 14 year old daughter just started 10th grade.. 2o years later, the same high school I went to, and it has me thinking. There are many things I did than that I am grateful my daughter has not followed in my footsteps. There are decisions that I made, friendships I ruined and things I did that sent me on a spiraling course that has lead me to today. 

Hindsight is better than foresight,, and I truly wonder if 20 years go, if my actions, words and deeds had been diferent, where would I be, how would my life be different and would any of it really matter. 

I do know that if I had treated school differently, I would definatly be in a different career path, but does that mean I would be happier? or could destiny just put me in the same position, stuck dealing with the same financial situations, and stuck down the same road? 

I can tell you that I do regret my decisions on my friendships, though some how through the 20 year it appears some of those friends have forgiven me, and it appears that nothing that happened all those years ago really matter.

There are paths I chose that I would not change, I would not change the path that lead me to having my daughter, and maybe if I had made the choices in my liife that I claim I would want to change, I would never have been given the opprtuniy to have my beautiful, not so little girl. 

So 20 years ago, does t really matter, would you go back and change any thing? Or do you feel that destiny helps you to make the choices and mistakes that will bring you to the things you love most, and care the most for. The things you would die for. 

Feel free to speak your mind!!!

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