Confessions of a Wayward Blogger

Forgive me Faithful readers.. I went off and abandoned you.. Ok not really I have seriously 38 drafts sitting.. waiting patiently for me to finish each and everyone of them..

But sadly I just have not felt like writing.. Maybe this weekend I’ll play a little catch up!!!

Just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten you and hope you have not forgotten me!!!


The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!


The wonderful Write to live live to write has graciously awarded me The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, What an honor.. and honestly what a privilege to be considered in the blogging community to even get any kind of nomination.. 

  1. Display the Award on your Blog. DONE.. I think? 
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you. Working on it.. Almost done ( If you reading then I’m DONE!!! )
  3. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award. SEE BELOW!!! 
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded. WILL DO!!! 
  5. Write seven interesting things about you. DO I have to.. Ok.. See below!!! 

My Fifteen Nominees:

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OK.. I could not decide.. I add a Few More!! 🙂

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Seven Interesting Things About Me:

a. I have a daughter

b. I am allergic to Aloe Vera, and horses or hay ( not sure which on the later one)

c. I love Roses

d. I am very opinionated- Hence my very opinionated This is me for all its worth blg

e. I can say the alphabet backwards

f. I love Culture and History. This means I love museums, Old Architecture, Family History, And Food from every Culture. 

d. I can’t spell and ABSOLUTLY love ❤ Spell Check


OK.. Fellow Nominees, its your turn!!! Congratulations.. and To Write to live live to write THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! 

Kitten Bowl vs Puppy Bowl

O.k So we all know that the SUPER BOWL is coming this weekend.. and while I know Half the population will be watching it ( o.k. Maybe more.. and me I watch it for the commercials and the half time shows.. Discovery Channel and Hallmark Channel have decided to Cuten it up with their own bowls.. Rivaling the 2 together..THANK YOU GOD that I have 3 T.V’s in my house plus some computers.. I can put all 3 bowls on and Have the BEST Super Bowl Sunday ever!!!!

SO for you Who Think that a Kitten bowl and Puppy Bowl are ridiculous.. take a look at these select pictures and you tell me.. What can be more adorable to watch while the grown men are chasing after a ball, to watch adorable little critters have some fun.. and HEY I think if you look closely you may have some Football ALL Around..

(and BTW.. With 2 kittens in my house.. I may just have my own Kitten bowl to post!)



1. What would you rather watch.. or do you think you can pull it off and put all 3 bowls on at once?


“Can I have a Dollar?”

It’s getting late and I’m hungry.. I’m not too sure when the last time I ate was.. but I know I have to get something in my stomach soon. I am in a nice neighborhood, and I see a Jack-in the box. I know that the people in this community will not be happy I am around, however, I have to try to see if someone will give me just a dollar for food..

I walk in and I try to be silent, inconspicuous. I really do not want to be noticed.. but I guess if I want to eat I’m going to have to say something.

I notice a lady walk in, She looks like she has money and she looks nice. She walks up to the counter smiling and she begins to order her food. As I walk to her I notice another woman walk in, This one looks irritated, she seems like she is in a hurry and like she is in a bad mood.. She fidgets as she waits for the ‘nice” lady to finish.

I walk up to the “nice” lady and I ask her if she can spare a dollar, She opens her wallet and I can see the money in it . “Don’y give him anything”, the lady behind the counter says, “He’ll just use it for drugs.” I’m hurt by this comment as I have never done drugs, I am just down on my luck. No jobs, No home and No money..

“I’m sorry,” the “nice” lady says. ” I don’t have anything to spare.” She closes her purse and holds it close to her as she walks away. I look down and back away, embarrassed and saddened, that a simple comment could stand in the way of food.

The ” irritated” lady walks to the counter.. She looks at me and half smiles. “Can I get the key to the bathroom?” say says to the Cashier. “so, you going to buy drugs if I give you money?” This comment she says to me.

‘No, Maam” My head down

‘let me see what I can do” is her reply. She opens her wallet and I can see that there is nothing in it.. she keeps looking and I start to think maybe she is crazy.. she then looks up and say, “there it is, I knew I put it somewhere.” and hands me a folded bill. She swiftly walks, well maybe runs to the bathroom.

I unfolded the bill and see that it is not just a dollar, it is a 5. Oh, what a meal I can have for that.. but I only asked for a dollar, and I felt it would be wrong to take it all. so I quickly ordered one sandwich and waited to give the “irritated” lady her change.

So, here’s the thing.. I had to go to the bathroom.. Ok.. most people do.. But you don’t understand some nights, on my 2 hour drive home from work.. I can not wait for the restroom. So, along my route there are 2 places I know of that I can go, they are clean, and they are in good neighborhood. On  this particular day.. I HAD TO GO PEE. SOOO Bad.. and the Jack in the Box I go to added keys to the doors.. YIKES!!! This was not in the plans.. I noticed (because even though the neighborhood is nice) a lady standing at the counter and a guy standing to the side. Now I can honestly tell you that I did not think he was homeless from the looks of him, but in a way I didn’t care who he was at that moment. I HAD TO GO PEE!!! TMI.. I’m sorry but I did.

I watched this young man ask the lady in front of me for a dollar, and I saw her wallet as she started to give him some.. SHE HAD A TON OF CASH ON HER!!!! Then the lady at the counter, with a very mean look on her face had to make a comment about him buying drugs. That bothered me, and I know that its why the lady in front of me closed her purse and walked away.

I had no clue who this guy was, so I made up the thoughts above to show what he felt. I was feeling bad because I realized I must have seemed so distant, when he did not bother to ask me for money.. I looked him up and down and did not feel like he was the druggie type.. He just looked down on his luck.

I really did not have much, and I’m sure that I could have used that $5 dollars, but I figured it would give this man a nice meal.

Too my surprise when I came out of the bathroom.. He was there, with my change.. My heart broke and I wanted to do more.. I asked him if that meant there was not enough for a meal.. and he told me “No, I only asked you for a dollar and that’s all I took.”

I was actually proud of this man.. and so with the rest of the money, I had the girl at the counter make his sandwich into a meal..

As I walked away, I heard the girl say,” I decided to make it a large at no charge for you sir..”

It’s amazing how much one act, can change the world.. I can tell you his actions changed mine.. And I need to remember it does not matter how much I HAVE TO GO PEE, I should still be more engaged and be a little more friendly.. I hated that I felt I needed to call myself the “Irritated” Lady.. but that’s what I was..


Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

What do I see?

What do I see?

Do you like what you see, or does it even matter? 

1/22/14: DAILY PROMPT: Mirror, Mirror

Today’s Prompt is not an easy prompt.. But I think that its one that has bothered me for a long time.. Below is what we were asked to blog/think about. 

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

So first, let me start with.. for the most part I do not put that much stock in appearance.. I mean I alway look my best, do my makeup and try to make my hair look pretty.. However, I really have no cares what others think about how I look. I mean, I love when someone say I look pretty, it makes me blush and usually I just say thanks, or no not really. But I really don;t care what they think.

But I care, and that’s where the problem lies.. Over the years, I always took care of myself, however I let myself gain weight and that bothered me.. SO I took things into action and have spent the last year losing weight. But I still don’t see the person I want to see when I look in the mirror. I really don’t feel like I am vain, but Vanity has reared its ugly head and I feel like anytime I have a chance to look in a mirror I am..

Do I feel like the Person that I see in the mirror? No, I really don’t like that I feel unattractive, I feel (and I hate to use this word because I can already feel the judgement) FAT. I feel lost, I feel diffident, I feel sorrow, I feel pain. But when I look in the mirror, the person that stares out at me, looks pretty, she is confident, on most days she looks professional,  she does not look like she is FAT.

I keep trying to tell my daughter that image is not the most important thing.. But I realize from this post, that I am VERY Consumed by my image.. Do I think she does not notice how often I look in the mirror? Do I think she can not tell how obsessed I am about losing weight, so I look better? What kind of a lesson have I been teaching her? Or maybe she does not care because she thinks her mommy is pretty.. I can only hope that and keep telling her that image is not everything in this crazy world.

I will remind every one ONE THING that is kind off topic, but One lesson I did learn from my mom, is that no matter how you feel, if you look your best then no one can tell what you are really feeling.. and I totally can tell you this is true!!!

So what do you think.. YOUR my Mirror:

1. What do you see when you look at me?

2. What do you see when you look in the Mirror?

Some More things I want my Daughter to know…

So my Last post.. 11 things I want my daughter to know..about her went over well in our house.. SOOOOOO.. I figured that I would add some more things to the list!!!

1. YOUR BLOND FOR A REASON, so be proud– You are always wishing your hair was a different color.. well let me tell you.. you are beautiful the way you are.. in a world where people can change their hair at a drop of a dime (ok. several dimes) Think before you try to change yours.. There are tons of women who WISH and LONG and even pay good $$$ to get the hair color you have.. (Including MOMMY). But let me tell you this you were made the way you were on purpose.. GOD had a purpose and a reason.. and HE answered my prayers.. Before you were born MOMMY wished for you to be blond.. I also wished other things… so here goes.. I wish for you to be a Blond haired Blue Eyed girl. We knew you were going to be tall.. BUT I wished that you would not be too tall.. just the perfect height.. SOOOOO.. any complaints.. you can blame me!!!

2. BE PROUD OF YOUR HERITAGE– You can’t change your blood.. nor should you want to.. Be proud that you have Irish, Welsh, French, German, Jewish and who knows what else in you.. Its your history and its a good one.

3. BE PROUD YOU ARE AMERICAN– and proud of those who stand up for our country.. there may be times when we hate the things others do, or say.. and that it seems like “LIFE IS NO FAIR” however we live in a country that has freedom, we can say the things we want and there are no limits to the things we can do.. We live in the country of dreams.. and though we disagree sometimes.. THIS IS THE BEST COUNTRY TO BE RAISED IN!!!

4. NEVER BE AFRAID– But don’t get cocky. Fear can hold you back on so many things.. Don’t let Fear get in the way of your dreams and aspirations. Fear can be your worst enemy.. But some times Fear is o.k. When you are faced with something that you should be afraid of.. Fear should lead you to the right choice.

5. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES– and while you’re at it, Nana’s. Although it may seem like we have never made mistakes, (you can start laughing now) you may be able to avoid some of the heartache and hardship that we both have been through, as well as aspire to something so much greater than we ever did.

6. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK – When things get rough, know that I am always there.. I will stand up for you. Even when you think I won’t. Sometimes I can’t help but at least know that I am here and that it is better to face things with 2 then alone.. At least we can sit together and i can hold your hand, or  you can cuddle with me and I will make it alright!!!

I hope these few more help you to grow and become a better person.. I know I love you more than anything in this life.. Nana and I will do anything for you.. As you start to grow into an even more precious young woman, Please know that we are here to answer any question, talk to you about anything, and that no matter what you do, I will always have your side and will help you through!

11 Things I want my Daughter to know.. about her


  1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL– No matter what anyone may say or do you will always be beautiful. Not just because you possess me and your dad’s good looks (all though that is a good start), but because you were raised by your NANA to have a beautiful soul.
  2. YOU ARE UNIQUE– You were created by a loving Heavenly Father who chose to give you all your Great Grandfathers’, Your Pop-Pop’s, your Omhpa’s, Your Nana’s ( Yes mom I say YOU) Your Dad’s and your Mom’s artistic Creativity.. That creativity from all those people involve imagination, Art, music, culture and vision. No one can nor will they ever be able to hold it down or take it away.
  3. YOU WERE TAUGHT TO DREAM– in a world where all things are built around facts and it seems dreams are not held to anything.. I want you to know it is o.k. to dream.. Your dreams can take you soo far.. Never lose site of the things you dreamed of when you were 2 or that you dreamed 2 minutes ago.. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
  4. YOU ARE LOVED– You are and always will be loved. You were born into love and have the greatest love of all behind you. Anyone that meets you and gets to know you love you instantly, and though you may not see it now know that Your NANA and Mom love you very much and only want the best for you.
  5. IT IS ALMOST NEVER YOUR FAULT- What I mean.. when the “Mean girls” start picking on you.. it’s almost never your fault. They are mostly likely jealous of the girl you are, the talents you possess and how pretty you are. Please remember that you are better than them and keep your head high.. Sooner or later you will have the ability to see the whole picture and will realize this.. but when times get hard.. I know its hard not to cry in the corner and thing that it is all your fault
  6. NEVER STOP QUESTIONING– I truly hope that you have learned from NANA and I to Never stop Questioning.. But in Case we forgot this very important lesson.. Here goes never stop questioning..l First the worst answer you can ever get is “NO”.. Second if you research.. you never know you just may be right!
  7. IT IS COOL TO BE SMART– Just because other girls like to “act” dumb to look cool.. It is not the right thing to do.. you will never get anywhere if you do not put your beautiful smart mind to work.. Forget about the “Popular” “Cool” game and Just focus on the future, “Dumb Blonde” do not become the Future “Peterinarians” of the world.
  8. DON’T BE AFRAID TO BELIEVE.. and HAVE A LITTLE FAITH– NANA and I have tried to share the Belief and Faith of our Heavenly Father.. If you should ever Falter, Stand on our faith and beliefs.. and if that does not work.. Turn to those in our church, and always know that there is a way to work through the doubts of the world.. Just remember that the Wiseman stood on the ROCK!
  9. ALWAYS BROADEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE- By reading writing and searching you MUST keep your knowledge growing.. Your mind can take sooo much and the more you learn the better it is.. Take advantage of the world around you, go to as many “Learning” activities as you can, You are very SMART.. and I can only imagine the damage that can be done to the world around us if you put all the knowledge and brains you have to use!!!
  10. REMEMBER TO SERVE- Serving others that have little, or need an extra boost, first off keeps you from being to full of your self, keeps you from being SELFISH, but also teaches you and those around you kindness. A Wise man said recently -The More HE Served the more HE wanted to serve- keep that dear to your heart, and remember that as  you serve that you must WANT to serve to truly get the rewards.
  11. NO MATTER WHAT I  (and NANA) WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU– It does not matter what happens in life. As long as NANA and I are alive you can always come to us.. There will always be the opportunity to “come home” and as I said recently.. We might not always “Like” the girl you are being.. We will always LOVE you and will always try to fix things for you so you will not have to experience hurt and disappointment.

Remember that the world is large.. you may get lost in the little things in life baby.. and right now what seems important to you.. may not be important in the “Very” near future.. Family is Family Forever and We need to stick together. From My Favorite book, passed down from my mom to me and now to you..

“I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”

– Love you,  Forever by Robert N. Munsch


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