Grandma’s rocking chair has been in our family for years and years and years (in fact over 100 years).. It has many memories and means a lot to me, my mom and hopefully my daughter. How the chair came into our family is fascinating and though its only the beginning, I am having my mom tell it.

The Severence Rocker-

Auntie Elizabeth Ward ( more like GREAT, GREAT AUNT) came from Scotland,(From what I can tell) to Canada in 1800’s, to check on her daughter, then ended up in Cleveland, Ohio to work for the SEVERENCE Family, as their governess. There were 2 children that Auntie Ward would watch, and take care of. The Severence Children loved Auntie Ward and when she got old, they got her the rocking chair to get her through her old age. When Auntie Ward died, my Great Grandmother, Susan inherited the rocking chair. When Susan died, my Grandma inherited the rocking chair. In this chair, Grandma rocked my dad, and then later in life me . When Grandma got old, and had to go into a Nursing home, the Chair came to stay in my home and I inherited it. Since then I have rocked, you ( in our own special way) and your daughter. – As told by Patricia


My Mom “rocking” our cat “Pity Pat”

Growing up, I have no memories that do not include this chair. This is the chair my mom sat in when my dog peed in her lap while he soundly sleep, Where I got into trouble ( as a child) for rocking too hard and was forbidden to sit in it again. It’s where my mom and I rocked my daughter to sleep. Where my mom has spent hours comforting me and my daughter during rough times. But here’s the thing.. This chair with out my mom is not the same. When my mom went on vacation, It was lonely not having my mom sitting next to me in her rocking chair, and I did not sit in it!

Even Our Animals love it! Our Cat Pity Pat seems to think the top of the chair is his resting place.. He will lay her dangling like he is going to fall and when he wants to get pets from my mom he “fixes” her hair.

I look forward to more memories of this chair, I look forward to the time when it will become mine ( not too soon though MOM)  and when (MANY years down the road) I will have the ability to rock my Grandchildren to sleep. The history of this chair and what it means to us is great.. and I truly marvel at how one Object can truly impact your life soo much.

Your turn:

Is there an  item that has been in your family for Years? What does it mean to you?




Standing in the Rain

The rain is falling, soft but steady and for the first time that I can remember in Southern California, the rain is warm. I stand in the middle of the lonely, dark street, arms stretched out and eyes closed, hoping for feelings to go away and for the tears to stop. If anyone could see me, they would not be able to differentiate the tears from the rain.


photo credit: martinak15 via photopin cc

Somehow, I have managed to isolate myself from everyone and everything in my life. I have made decisions, that I just can’t take back. Standing here in the rain, I can’t go back.. nor will I. I don’t think of those I’ll leave behind as I beg and ask for an end.

I open up my eyes, and look at him. I know that he is getting restless, waiting for me to decide what I want to do. His face hides all emotion and I know that the love that once was there is gone. It makes this hurt that much more. But I also know he is the only one that will follow through.

Quietly, he asks;” is this really what you want?” In my mind, I search for the answer as I allow the rain to continue to soak through to my bones. Small sobs escape my lips, abandoning the composure I tried showing. Silence fills the air again and I close my eyes.

The rain continues it’s quiet cleansing of the Earth. But sadly the rain can not wash away all that has been done, all that has been said…..   and it can’t take away my request.

Thunder breaks the silence and with a start, I know I have to make the decision now. There is no turning back, I came this far and there is no one who will stop me now.

I open my eyes, turn my face to the sky and know that the two words I am about to say will change our life’s forever…