11 Things I want my Daughter to know.. about her


  1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL– No matter what anyone may say or do you will always be beautiful. Not just because you possess me and your dad’s good looks (all though that is a good start), but because you were raised by your NANA to have a beautiful soul.
  2. YOU ARE UNIQUE– You were created by a loving Heavenly Father who chose to give you all your Great Grandfathers’, Your Pop-Pop’s, your Omhpa’s, Your Nana’s ( Yes mom I say YOU) Your Dad’s and your Mom’s artistic Creativity.. That creativity from all those people involve imagination, Art, music, culture and vision. No one can nor will they ever be able to hold it down or take it away.
  3. YOU WERE TAUGHT TO DREAM– in a world where all things are built around facts and it seems dreams are not held to anything.. I want you to know it is o.k. to dream.. Your dreams can take you soo far.. Never lose site of the things you dreamed of when you were 2 or that you dreamed 2 minutes ago.. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
  4. YOU ARE LOVED– You are and always will be loved. You were born into love and have the greatest love of all behind you. Anyone that meets you and gets to know you love you instantly, and though you may not see it now know that Your NANA and Mom love you very much and only want the best for you.
  5. IT IS ALMOST NEVER YOUR FAULT- What I mean.. when the “Mean girls” start picking on you.. it’s almost never your fault. They are mostly likely jealous of the girl you are, the talents you possess and how pretty you are. Please remember that you are better than them and keep your head high.. Sooner or later you will have the ability to see the whole picture and will realize this.. but when times get hard.. I know its hard not to cry in the corner and thing that it is all your fault
  6. NEVER STOP QUESTIONING– I truly hope that you have learned from NANA and I to Never stop Questioning.. But in Case we forgot this very important lesson.. Here goes never stop questioning..l First the worst answer you can ever get is “NO”.. Second if you research.. you never know you just may be right!
  7. IT IS COOL TO BE SMART– Just because other girls like to “act” dumb to look cool.. It is not the right thing to do.. you will never get anywhere if you do not put your beautiful smart mind to work.. Forget about the “Popular” “Cool” game and Just focus on the future, “Dumb Blonde” do not become the Future “Peterinarians” of the world.
  8. DON’T BE AFRAID TO BELIEVE.. and HAVE A LITTLE FAITH– NANA and I have tried to share the Belief and Faith of our Heavenly Father.. If you should ever Falter, Stand on our faith and beliefs.. and if that does not work.. Turn to those in our church, and always know that there is a way to work through the doubts of the world.. Just remember that the Wiseman stood on the ROCK!
  9. ALWAYS BROADEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE- By reading writing and searching you MUST keep your knowledge growing.. Your mind can take sooo much and the more you learn the better it is.. Take advantage of the world around you, go to as many “Learning” activities as you can, You are very SMART.. and I can only imagine the damage that can be done to the world around us if you put all the knowledge and brains you have to use!!!
  10. REMEMBER TO SERVE- Serving others that have little, or need an extra boost, first off keeps you from being to full of your self, keeps you from being SELFISH, but also teaches you and those around you kindness. A Wise man said recently -The More HE Served the more HE wanted to serve- keep that dear to your heart, and remember that as  you serve that you must WANT to serve to truly get the rewards.
  11. NO MATTER WHAT I  (and NANA) WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU– It does not matter what happens in life. As long as NANA and I are alive you can always come to us.. There will always be the opportunity to “come home” and as I said recently.. We might not always “Like” the girl you are being.. We will always LOVE you and will always try to fix things for you so you will not have to experience hurt and disappointment.

Remember that the world is large.. you may get lost in the little things in life baby.. and right now what seems important to you.. may not be important in the “Very” near future.. Family is Family Forever and We need to stick together. From My Favorite book, passed down from my mom to me and now to you..

“I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”

– Love you,  Forever by Robert N. Munsch


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I Blame You, Mom!!!!

  With Thanksgiving around the corner I have really been thinking about my life and trying to be thankful and appreciate the life I have.. But I just can’t do it.. I need to blame someone for this crazy life I have.. So I found someone to blame….




I blame you for my good looks

I blame you for my sense of style

I blame you for having a good heart

I blame you for having a good work ethic

I blame you for being organized (even if it is only at work)

I blame you for my success

I blame you for learning to ask the question, even if the answer is no!


 I blame you for my self-confidence

I blame you for teaching me that no matter what life hands to you, if you look your best and face the world with a smile, then its all going to be o.k

I blame you for  my daughter’s good behavior

I blame you for my good credit

I blame you for being honest

I blame you for not always “giving a damn”frankly-my-dear-gone-with-the-wind-gotw-rhett-butler-frankly-demotivational-poster-1249700969

I blame you for teaching me how not to be afraid of a storm

I blame you for my sense of humor

I blame you for loving too much

I blame you for teaching me how to be “friends with the monsters”

faith endures copyI blame you for teaching me faith

I blame you for teaching me to always keeping the house clean, just in case we get unexpected visitors

I blame you for teaching me if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

I blame you for being my comfort, and always having a lap I can curl up in.. Even when I got too big.

I blame you for cooking skills

I blame you for teaching me right from wrong

10220411A~Garfield-Never-Wrong-PostersI blame you for always teaching me to admit when I am wrong ( though I never am wrong)

I blame you for teaching me how to speak………………………. my mind


I blame you for teaching me to stand up for my self

I blame you for teaching me that sticks and stones my break my bones, but mess with something you love and you’ll come after them with a shotgun (o.k. not really but you sure know how to use your words to scare them off!)sticks-and-stones

I blame you for always being there

I blame you for not being a morning person ( o.k I’m the morning person and I do blame you for not wanting to talk in the morning!!!)sleepy-1

I blame you for hours of council and for always having an ear to lend

I blame you for my favorite bed time story

I blame you for sick soup

I blame you for the knowledge I have

I blame you for teaching me to count my many blessings


I blame you for teaching me if you wanted it done right in the first place you should have done it yourself

I blame you for always loving me.. even though you might not like the way I was acting, talking, or what I was doing

I blame you for being my biggest fan


I blame you for trying to teach me patience

I blame you for the constant support

I blame you for never giving up on me

Realistically, do you want me to go on?

I blame you for teaching me how to be a mom


I blame you for this blog!!!


I blame you for teaching me that there is no one to blame but ourselves..

Although some how I just got away with blaming you for my entire life. I feel so blessed to have you for my mom.. and I am grateful ever day for you.. You have no clue how much easier you have made my life, and how much meaning you add to my life!!

Like my favorite bedtime story says..

I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living my mommy you’ll be!IMG_9211

In Loving Memory

One Year ago today the most wonderful man in my life passed away.. Our hearts were shattered.. But when you love some one so much it is only fair to expect your heart to break when they leave this life.. It’s taken a year but in Memory of the Man who gave me faith love and did not have too.. dscn0727

Jesse Mark Wegner Jr. came into my family’s life 12 years ago.. and from day one we were his “Little Family”.. He was protector.. teacher.. Helper, friend.. and Ompah.. IMG_0022

I learned many things from this amazing man.. but most of all I learned who my dad really was. Jesse did not have to be my dad.. he chose to be!!!! Al though at times I thought He was just staying because he adored my daughter… I still know he loved me in his own way.. 00096

There is so much more I can say.. but I really wanted to take the time to say how much we love and Miss you Jess… I know families are forever.. so I know that when it is my time I will be with him forever..

Oh and Jess.. Mom still Likes you!!!

I'll Make Love To You