The Princess turned into the Wicked Witch


I’m at a complete loss.. My adorable little princess.. The pride and joy that I was soo proud of. The angel that could do no wrong. She has turned into the WICKED WITCH.. I swear that somewhere in the last year, she put on a pair of invisible Ruby Slippers, or possibly grew invisible Green Skin.. and she is only 11..

That beautiful child that I call mine.. She has turned EVIL, and mean and honestly,down right RUDE!!!

I am at my wit’s end with her. I know I was pretty awful in my teens.. but most of it waited till I was about 13- 18. ( I seriously thought I had a few years before I had to deal with this.)

I have tried grounding her (though that really does not work). We wash her mouth out with soap, however I think she likes it. I spank her, though I truly hate doing this. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO.

I absolutely LOVE  my daughter, but I can tell you I really do not like the person she has become.. I have no clue what to do.. Nothing I read or hear about works.. I am seriously debating locking her up and throwing away the key!

My mom and I have a pretty open relationship, as well as open household and we can talk about anything, and we for the most part will not be too mad about anything that happens.. (unless of course you kill someone) As long as you are open and tell us.. I get madder if I find out somewhere else… We are also pretty open about Questions and will answer anything and everything. So when my daughter says, She feels like she can’t talk to me and my mom and she says that she feels like we hate her.. This bothers me.. I mean absolutely adore my daughter, as well as love her to bits and pieces.. It also breaks my heart, because I know that my daughter is loved and adored by my mom.. possibly even more than me!!!

2014 Picture with Jesus

2014 Picture with Jesus

So what Can I do? How do I get my Princess back.. or is it too late.. has the Wicked Witch taken over and I now have to deal with this till she is 18?

Your turn..

1. What Recommendations for better behavior do you have?

2. Have you been through this? Share your Inspire thoughts so this mom does not go CRAZY!!! 

Random Thoughts…. crazy talks

So call me insane, but sometimes, just sometimes ( o.k. Maybe all the time) random things will pop into my head..

With Music sometimes inspiration comes, so I will begin my blog talking about a New song that has my mind loving it.. It’s called “The Monsters”, an Eminem and Rihanna compilation and though it has some things that are not appropriate it has a line that suits me just fine..

” I’m friends with the monster under my bed, get along with the voices inside of my head”

Now when I was little I was very scared of the monsters under the bed.. and I guess I have to say I am very luck my daughter was not one of those kids scared of anything.. I don’t remember her getting scared that there were monsters in her room.. (can you say.. over protective mommy probably has sheltered her.. or maybe

 I’m just a callous mommy that when she would start with any of that I would tell her it was fine and send her back to bed?) Any how.. We have this Cat (the one my daughter calls Monster:) that likes to sleep under my bed.. so the new thing at 31 is I say that I’m friends with the monster under my bed.

So on to the thought that really got me here.. The voices inside of my head.. o.k. Our heads.. driving to work today.. As I was stuck in crazy LA traffic, I noticed people walking down the street, really noticed.. and then I watched as people were talking to them self or so it seemed.. so the thought popped into my head..

When I was little and technology, well wasn’t really there when you saw people walking down the street, talking to them self.. they were a. little kids with imaginary friends,

or 2. CRAZY, on drugs and probably dangerous and you stayed away..

it really made me think.. with technology today.. half the time when you see people talking to themselves in reality they are talking on that cool invention.. THE BLUE TOOTH.. How in the world should I be able t o tell if I should stay away.. OR IF I SHOULD RUN AWAY!!!! Yikes..

now I have probably the most funniest picture that I had joked about the hearing the voices double voices in my head.. (2) sets of bluetooths.. one personal and one for work.  See Below…

You may not see it.. but I have voices in both my ears.. I actually think I may have been on both phones at some point during the day.. SHHH.. don't tell the boss!!!!

You may not see it.. but I have voices in both my ears.. I actually think I may have been on both phones at some point during the day.. SHHH.. don’t tell the boss!!!!



so thought of the Day.. are you “TALKING to the voices inside of your head”


“talking to the VOICES inside of your head”

Crazy Talks!!!!