Smile… It makes everything better


This Morning on the way to work, as I was getting off the freeway in Tent City ( the local Homeless Community), instead of the normal Homeless Signs asking for money..


There was a Homeless Man standing there with a sign that said SMILE.. of course the first thing I did was SMILE, I then felt like I could help this man (It made me feel more willing..) While I had no CASH on me (I’m one of those awful people who never carry cash) I did have a bottle of water I offered.. He refused and said he just wanted to give everyone a SMILE for Thanksgiving and that the Smile back was all he wanted!

It truly made me think about things.. of course as I am driving with a smile and tears in my eyes!

So here are my “Smiles” for today:

smileSmile Because somewhere out there someone is thinking of you
Smile because you are loved
Smile because you are warm
Smile because you have food on your table
Smile because no matter how bad it is someone has it worsedownload

Smile because at the end of the day a smile burns more calories than a frown
Smile because somewhere in the back of your mind you are laughing at a funny joke
Smile to make someone else smile

nice-life-thoughts-quotes-charlie-chaplin-problem-smile_largeSmile because it’s Someday
Smile because you can still dream
Smile because you are still breathing
Smile to Smile
Smile because it’s a new fashion
Smile because you have a job
Smile because the sun is shining.. (somewhere)

Smile because when the weather is bad (somehow its good for us)
Smile when trials tempt us
Smile when things get bad.. because somehow it will get better

Smile when you need to ventimages (1) 
Smile when life gets you down
Smile when things are good
Smile when Life happens
Smile when you’re remembering

images (5)

Just Smile, You never know whose day you may completely change by that one


act of kindness.. Maybe someone needs to borrow your smile to make them feel better?

I truly hope that I have made you Smile.. No matter how bad you feel.. When you Smile you can’t help to start to feel better.. And you know your really can’t be angry when you are laughing and smile!!!


I Blame You, Mom!!!!

  With Thanksgiving around the corner I have really been thinking about my life and trying to be thankful and appreciate the life I have.. But I just can’t do it.. I need to blame someone for this crazy life I have.. So I found someone to blame….




I blame you for my good looks

I blame you for my sense of style

I blame you for having a good heart

I blame you for having a good work ethic

I blame you for being organized (even if it is only at work)

I blame you for my success

I blame you for learning to ask the question, even if the answer is no!


 I blame you for my self-confidence

I blame you for teaching me that no matter what life hands to you, if you look your best and face the world with a smile, then its all going to be o.k

I blame you for  my daughter’s good behavior

I blame you for my good credit

I blame you for being honest

I blame you for not always “giving a damn”frankly-my-dear-gone-with-the-wind-gotw-rhett-butler-frankly-demotivational-poster-1249700969

I blame you for teaching me how not to be afraid of a storm

I blame you for my sense of humor

I blame you for loving too much

I blame you for teaching me how to be “friends with the monsters”

faith endures copyI blame you for teaching me faith

I blame you for teaching me to always keeping the house clean, just in case we get unexpected visitors

I blame you for teaching me if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

I blame you for being my comfort, and always having a lap I can curl up in.. Even when I got too big.

I blame you for cooking skills

I blame you for teaching me right from wrong

10220411A~Garfield-Never-Wrong-PostersI blame you for always teaching me to admit when I am wrong ( though I never am wrong)

I blame you for teaching me how to speak………………………. my mind


I blame you for teaching me to stand up for my self

I blame you for teaching me that sticks and stones my break my bones, but mess with something you love and you’ll come after them with a shotgun (o.k. not really but you sure know how to use your words to scare them off!)sticks-and-stones

I blame you for always being there

I blame you for not being a morning person ( o.k I’m the morning person and I do blame you for not wanting to talk in the morning!!!)sleepy-1

I blame you for hours of council and for always having an ear to lend

I blame you for my favorite bed time story

I blame you for sick soup

I blame you for the knowledge I have

I blame you for teaching me to count my many blessings


I blame you for teaching me if you wanted it done right in the first place you should have done it yourself

I blame you for always loving me.. even though you might not like the way I was acting, talking, or what I was doing

I blame you for being my biggest fan


I blame you for trying to teach me patience

I blame you for the constant support

I blame you for never giving up on me

Realistically, do you want me to go on?

I blame you for teaching me how to be a mom


I blame you for this blog!!!


I blame you for teaching me that there is no one to blame but ourselves..

Although some how I just got away with blaming you for my entire life. I feel so blessed to have you for my mom.. and I am grateful ever day for you.. You have no clue how much easier you have made my life, and how much meaning you add to my life!!

Like my favorite bedtime story says..

I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living my mommy you’ll be!IMG_9211

So Grateful- a This is Me Challenge

I follow an awesome blog, One that inspired me to name my blog as I did, but also that will give me ideas of what to blog about. (Not that I did a good job of blogging and reading about it!)

In Honor of Thanksgiving though.. I felt that the challenge I received on Wednesday called “So Grateful”. The challenge basically said, In 2 Minutes come up with what you are thankful for, with the knowledge that what was on this list we keep forever and what is not we lose forever..

Now I thought i would video my daughter with no warning to see what she said.. Truly I felt 2 minutes was way too long, but I was impressed with what she came up with.. Though the Joke now is that she has plates for food, but no food, a roof over her head but no clothes, no books, unless they are electronic and that she will be in middle school forever!!!

Here is her video for you to enjoy!!!